Date: 20th November 2017 at 8:19pm
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The extent of the lack of governance in Scottish football was confirmed today when Hearts announced that 20% of their turnover came from an exceptional donation from a mystery benefactor!

Less than five years ago Hearts went into administration. Today they announced in their annual accounts a donation of £2.5m contributing to turnover of £11,255,000.

It’s Hearts’ own business what arrangements are behind that deal but it’s realistic to expect that some sort of security has been provided to the ‘generous benefactor’.

It is difficult to fathom the motive behind who would make such a donation unless of course they have something to hide and want to remain out of the spotlight.

Having allowed Charles Green to rewrite the rule book in 2012 it’s clear that the SFA don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to governance.

Almost every FA in UEFA applies a degree of Financial Fair Play but it seems that Scottish football doesn’t require it despite the liquidation of Rangers, Airdrie and Gretna while Motherwell, Hearts, Dundee, Livingston and Dunfermline have been in administration.

Until FFP is applied Scottish football will be wide open to manipulation with the red carpet rolled out with no questions asked of ‘mystery benefactors’.