Date: 14th November 2017 at 12:05pm
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After playing the anonymous card Mark Daly has drawn greater attention to the questions that BBC Scotland won’t address.

Last week it seemed that covering offshore investments and tax havens was in the public interest but presented with details involving a club that attracts over 40,000 fans to most home matches it seems that interest from the state broadcaster has cooled.

Ten days after publishing their accounts BBC Scotland has still to make any comment other than passing on an agency report that accompanied publication.

With losses of £6.7m on a £29.2m turnover things look grim for the club with only the goodwill of King’s New Oasis Asset Limited company keeping the lights on.

A ruling is expected this month from the Court of Session on King’s concert party takeover in March 2015 which could require an £11m bond to avoid the South African facing the consequences.

At the end of the month the club faces it’s AGM but that is unlikely to produce any fireworks or criticism.