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Bitter McCann hits out at ‘some players I let go’

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Neil McCann has made a veiled reference to Scott Bain after speaking out about his sacking from Dundee.

Last October the former Ibrox and Tynecastle favourite dropped Dundee’s first choice keeper, tried to fine him two weeks wages and named him as a substitute for the Development side.

McCann’s ‘wee guy syndrome’ fall out with Bain was typical of his management style which regularly involved scathing public attacks on his players.

Bain moved on loan to Celtic then signed a four year deal with the champions, this weekend he has a cup final to look forward to while McCann’s petted lip return s to Sky Sports.

Asked about the damage caused to team morale while he was in charge the former Dundee boss said: “The last two training sessions I had at Dundee were possibly two of the best in terms of morale, team spirit, enjoyment, hilarity, hard work, quality. It was fantastic.

In fact, we had a young boy who joined us and his dad came down and went away saying, ‘How are you bottom of the league?’

He said the morale was unbelievable.

Sometimes there was a lack of confidence or a lack of bravery to carry it out but what I would like to say is they were still doing that up until the Kilmarnock game.

There were some players that I let go who I thought either couldn’t handle it or wanted to go elsewhere and play a different style of football.”

While playing for the old Rangers club McCann was paid £500,000 in disguised remuneration. Income Tax, National Insurance, penalties and interest are now owed on that figure after a Supreme Court ruling in favour of HMRC in July 2017.

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