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Stan Collymore shares the Fake News of BBC Scotland over liquidation

Image for Stan Collymore shares the Fake News of BBC Scotland over liquidation

Stan Collymore has highlighted the fake news and revisionist of The Nine, Scotland’s flagship news programme.

The new digital channel was launched in February with The Nine promising a fresh and informative look at Scottish and international news from a Scottish perspective.

Fresh is certainly one term that could be used for their views on liquidation on last night’s show

With FC in dire financial straights and facing exclusion from the Football League we’ll ask could it happen to a Scottish club

The answer is most certainly YES. Over the last 15 years top flight clubs Gretna and have both went into liquidation.

Whatever financial gymnastics BBC and other apologists wish to apply went into liquidation in 2012 after HMRC rejected a CVA. A total of 276 creditors are still getting updates on the process from BDO.

A new club was formed, they started life in the bottom tier of the SFL, played in the first rounds of the and Scottish Cup, took part in the Petrofac Challenge Cup and made their first UEFA appearance in 2017.

In June the Daily Mail reported that some programmes on BBC had failed to attract any audience with an average of 7,200 people watching each programme.

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