Date: 15th January 2020 at 7:26am
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The long running legal dispute between Sports Direct and the company from Ibrox will have a Directions Hearing this morning at 10.30am, two days earlier than scheduled.

In June 2017 Dave King declared victory in his long running dispute with Mike Ashley as the so-called onerous contract signed in 2012 was ended.

King failed to mention the £3m termination fee or the new contract signed with Sports Direct as fans rushed out to clear the shelves of kit from stores.

When King set up a new kit deal with Hummel it was subjected to a legal challenge by Sports Direct with the kit only becoming available in limited numbers online in September 2018.

Last June Judge Lionel Persey found in favour of Sports Direct on every count with a warning that damages of many millions of pounds were due. Crucially the contract with Hummel for next season was cancelled with the rights referring back to Sports Direct as agreed in the 2017 contract.

With King apparently stepping down as chairman there is a chance that a deal could be struck but despite his announcement at the November AGM the South African based businessman remains in place.

While the payout could blow a massive hole in the club’s accounts for this season they do need to get kit deals in place for next season.

In October the Takeover Panel announced that King had been cold-shouldered after excluding existing shareholders from his concert party takeover in the early days of 2015.

Hummel are expected to be next in line to take the Ibrox club to court with their 2018 contract terminated early after being caught in the crossfire between the two warring parties.