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Ange Postecoglou bites back at BBC newshound Kenny MacIntyre

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After losing a match the last thing that a manager or player wants to hear is repeated questions from the same media source or questions that haven’t taken account of your previous answer.

fits the bill of the straight talking Australian, when he gets a bit fed up he says what he is thinking rather than tries to help dig the interviewer out of a hole.

seems to be a rising star within the vast BBC Scotland Sports Department having made his way up the ladder.

Initially he was involved with very soft interviews with folk such as and Kris Boyd, drooling over their careers, picking out highlights with questions as demanding as the classic Jim White interviews with Brian Laudrup.

Over the last year MacIntyre has been reinventing himself as the reporter that asks the tough questions, the questions that want answered. He seems to revel in riling managers after a defeat, warming up for his killer question and ignoring the answers being given.

Postecoglou watched a grim performance from Celtic yesterday, the stats might comfort some geeks about possession and shots on target but none of the watching took any consolation.

For more than two years they’ve watched repeated Celtic sides toil on the plastic at Livingston, their new Australian manager had sent out a side that seemed to play Lennyball with MacIntyre revelling in the chance to goad a reaction from Postecoglou.

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Asked for a general summary of the match

AP: Yeah, look, we didn’t start the game well and we paid the price for it. We tried to sort of ease our way into the game though.

We just didn’t start the tempo we needed to, with the aggression or the positivity that we have in other games this year and after they scored we dug ourselves into a little bit of a hole and tried hard enough but our decision making the final third was pretty poor and maybe we couldn’t get the goal.

K McI You had a lot of possession, this afternoon, but you really didn’t taste the keeper very much.

AP: That’ what I just said. It’s been a concern today but it hasn’t been a concern so far.

Postecoglou will next meet the media on Wednesday to preview Thursday’s Cup tie at home to Raith Rovers.

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  • Joe Cunt says:

    KENNY MaciNTYRE is a tiresome orange cunt !
    Always was.
    Somebody find oot where he stays and incinerate the bastard !!

  • Justshatered says:

    The managers change but we still don’t have a defence worthy of the name.
    This issue has needed addressing for 20 months.

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