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SFA stand by Bobby Madden by handing him Celtic clash

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Fresh from his controversies at Dundee on Saturday Bobby Madden will take charge of Celtic’s match on Sunday away to Aberdeen.

James McPake was on the end of a red card from the Lanarkshire based referee after he disputed an ordering off claim to which Madden replied ‘you missed the penalty anyway’.

Madden has already refereed Celtic this season, taking charge of the opening day defeat when Andy Halliday escaped unpunished from a brutal foul on Callum McGregor. Madden and Halliday have appeared together a number of times on the Open Goal podcast hosted by Si Ferry.

In February the SFA had to call in a last minute replacement for Madden when he tried to referee Ross County v Celtic when he should have been self isolating after a midweek trip to Greece.

Kevin Clancy, Euan Anderson and now Madden will each have refereed two of Celtic’s opening eight SPFL matches which seems a strange rota when there are 16 referees that have taken charge of a Premiership match this season.

Scott Brown is likely to play against Celtic for the first time in 15 years with the Dons captained assured of a warm welcome from the travelling support- until the game kicks off and the tackles go flying in.

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  • AintnoAngel says:

    Sick of listening about biased refereeing the green brigade should have banners stating we don’t want our biggest rivals fans refereeing our games. Only in Scotland same as it is all sevco supporting media pundits who don’t want VAR strange so much for fair play the technology is there there’s already been huge mistakes due to the incompetence of refs the only job in the world you can be crap at and keep your job no one would hire a bad plumber twice except the SFA

  • Jim says:

    Stuff the referees. Who cares. We are in free-fall as a club. Can’t believe that our great club is going into a European night and everyone is talking about damage limitation.
    Desmond and Lawell along with Lennon have put us back years. Deal with the real issues Joe.
    We should be sending a strong message to the board who are taking the fans for mugs.
    All blogs should be concentrated on bringing a united front against the horrendous actions of our board. Clancy, madden and Charlie Nicholas, I have no interest. Same nonsence every day meanwhile our club are in total dissaray. Put a piece out there highlighting our shortfalls. Defeat against bottom of the table Livi. 1-1 draw against Dundee utd. 3 huge away games in October, does anyone think we will win all three. An absolute disgrace the standards we are now expecting. But hey, Kris Boyd isn’t allowed into Dens Park. Who cares.

  • Jamesmurphy says:

    Look back the years and the board are at fault for almost all our troubles, won everything at home for years without helping the best manager for years scouted the best talents and duly ignored by Lawwell and Desmond who knew better and got egg on there faces let the man go for “money money money”

    SHAME SHAME and then try to blame the fans WAKE UP it’s not to late. iF YOU are LiSTNING It’s not to late,get MARTIN O,NEIL To help as an adviser be a big help to everyone and swallow some pride we the fans will help as always DO It NOW you won’t be sorry give ANGE a chance

  • Jack says:

    Bobby madden supports rangers and rumour have it has or had a season book personally I dontrate him as a ref anytime I’ve seen him referees Celtic_fc_1888 games against new co was a game celtic conseeded a goal in last 2mins in injury time ball his thrown into area Griffiths in control 3yds out tackle cert penalty not given after that I had watch his games where he has been in charge of Celtic_fc_1888 games and he stops games for least contact game never flows he definitely stops Celtic_fc_1888 human nature you will always favour your team and that means celtic loss points so be it if celtic 3 goals up ge can’t do nothing but at Pittodrie he gave celtic nothing no advantage

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