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Gerrard delivers the final insult to grieving bears

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It was always going to be painful but no bear could have anticipated just how deep and hurtful Steven Gerrard’s departure would be.

From the ‘don’t ask stupid questions’ interview with BT Sport through to a train journey to London the departing boss failed to consider the feelings of those that he left behind. It was a car crash.

And then it got worse. As the nation prepared to pay respect to the fallen up he pops at 10am grinning away with an Aston Villa shirt in his hands- and no poppy.

How could he? Four days earlier he placed a wreath at the feet of the John Greig statue at Ibrox, he had been wearing a poppy since the end of October. Before what proved to be his final match in charge at Ibrox he stood to attention as a cannon was fired.

And then this.

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  • Stev says:

    You would think these fckrs own the poppy. Probably most of their relations jumped in the shipyards when they got called up. Wnkrs.

    • Big T says:

      They were bravely and loyally skulking in the shipyards during WW2 in reserved occupations, while the rest of the able bodied were fighting for their country.

      Liars, hypocrites and cowards but the first to drape themselves in the Butchers Apron and shamefully wear the poppy whose meaning they have sullied.

  • John mcghee says:

    The poppy has fuck all to do with football its getting out of order now corruption cheating dont pay ur debts and ur still the same club eh only in mason scotland can this happen.Rats the lot of them

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Can’t stop laughing.

  • Jim says:


  • GERRY Ferguson says:

    The only thing they cheating bastards never picked up during the wars was a rifle

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