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‘Brother Beaton to the rescue’ ‘Predictable is an understatement’ Fans respond to John Hartson’s three word tweet

Image for ‘Brother Beaton to the rescue’ ‘Predictable is an understatement’ Fans respond to John Hartson’s three word tweet

John Hartson didn’t have to reference the match, when he tweeted ‘there’s a shock’ everyone knew the match he was referring to.

In the 85th minute of a goal-less match there is one team more likely to get a penalty than any other.

Some referees will be hesitant about such a late award, err on the side of caution but not John Beaton. The man from Bellshill has a long track record going back to a Scottish Cup tie against Albion Rovers of making a certain type of decision.

Peak Beaton was in December 2018 when he watched Alfredo Morelos attack Scott Brown, Ryan Christie and Tony Ralston with Beaton even reaching for a yellow card.

Under pressure from fans Peter Lawwell issued the standard statement calling for an explanation of the decisions. After tea and biscuits and a recall of the events of July 2012 the Celtic CEO never raised his voice again.

Beaton and Bobby Madden were both inspired by another Lanarkshire referee, Hugh Dallas. Tomorrow Madden takes charge of Celtic v Hearts, in Matchday 15 it will be the fourth time he has refereed Ange Postecoglou’s side. Ian Bankier is ‘deeply concerned’ but on mute.

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  • BhelfastBhob says:

    Never Beaten when they have Beaton!!

  • Sean says:

    It was a penalty though, porteous is an absolute liability, and can’t be trusted. People were saying we should go in for him, absolutely no way, he is a hazard waiting to happen. Raging, I’ve watched it back, and porteous is a clown, no need for that at all.

  • KC67 says:

    For some reason the Celtic board don’t mind being cheated. Watching this go on from last seasons cheat fest is absolutely galling.

    The cheating is becoming blatant and they don’t give an eff what anybody thinks.

    • Gerrymac says:

      KC67 – it was a penalty mate. No cheating involved in this one. I wasn’t best pleased but as clear ax they come.

      • Stev says:

        Disnae matter if it was or it wasnt.Its always they same. Round two tonight. Wonder if there will be a controversial decision???or two.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    While checking the score at work it was 0-0 , when I checked later 0-1,I knew instantly the had got a penalty ,checked BBC sport ,yes beaton gives them the penalty this is getting outrageous every time Sevco are struggling up steps the ref to help them out,

    • Jim says:

      Nothing outrageos about it.
      Definitely a penalty Jim. Was desperate to see others taking points off them but we can do that for ourselves. We need too.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    It’s time for a national condemnation and a inquiry into the disgrace that is the refereeing institution in the Scottish game, cheating cannot go on like this. Every team apart from one is on the receiving end of this corruption.

    • Sean says:

      Joseph it was a penalty though, you can’t have a national enquiry if it’s a penalty, it has to be giving. There should be a national enquiry in to Ryan porteous recklessness. He has previous for this, and it’s his fault, he caused his team defeat last night, not the ref. I’m sorry but it’s a penalty every day of the week.

      • Quinny says:

        The award was soft , just because there’s contact doesn’t mean a foul … a nice dive should be sanctioned just as much as a tackle …. the problem is Brother Beaton was looking to give it , he wouldn’t have given it if it was in the Sevco 2012 penalty box … and there’s the rub.

  • Quinny says:

    I remember Catholic schools being sent a circular from the Parishes in the 70’s telling them not to use Green and White strips because Refs were biased, I’ve experienced it all my life playing and watching football .

    To say Celtic are slow in the uptake is an understatement, when Polish Refs took to the field for a few weeks everyone with a Brain saw the difference between doing the job and doing the job with an Agenda .

    A Ref watch should be instigated publishing how a Ref performs each week, fouls given to which Team etc, in my opinion Refs turn matches by giving the 50/50 decisions to Sevco 2012 week in, week out … this volume of decisions wears down the opposition resulting in the proverbial penalty award or offside goal.

    The whole structure of Scottish refereeing stinks, the Brotherhood’s grip on the grass roots is frightening, no one gets promoted without permission or a handshake.

    Celtic should be putting pressure on the SFA at every opportunity, we were paranoid when rfc were alive, we controlled the SFA when Sevco2012 were in the bottom tier and now they are in the Top Tier, we’re paranoid again as the Brotherhood are up to their old tricks … only this time it’s costing every Celtic Supporter money in lost Prize money … dodgy Refs need to be Sanctioned .

    • Sean says:

      Mate I’m sorry but it was a penalty, I’ve watched it 5 times now, it’s very clear cut. Porteous was at fault not the ref. He stuck his leg out, doing that in the box, and your asking for it. It was a penalty all day long. You can’t call for an enquiry if it’s a penalty. I’ve accepted it. If it was giving and it wasn’t a foul, I’d be going crazy as well. But it is a penalty everyday of the week.

  • David Howell says:

    I live in Madrid; after all matches referees are evaluated by an expert panel. When they screw up they are demoted for a period. This keeps them close to honest. Why are our refs untouchable? Is it commandment 1, Referees must never be questioned!!!???

  • Derek Duncan says:

    The question is not whether it’s a penalty or not, its would it have been given at the other end if it was Hibs player going down?

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