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Ibrox uproar as Lyon ban fans and cancel 2,200 tickets for Europa League tie

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Ibrox fans have been banned from Thursday’s Europa League tie in Lyon.

Over 3,000 fans have booked travel and accommodation for a show of post-Brexit strength but will now be denied access to the stadium.

Last month’s trip to Brondby was littered with numerous incidents of violence, now the French authorities have banned the People from attending Thursday’s dead rubber.

This afternoon the Ibrox club stated:

We regret to inform our travelling support that, within the last hour, we have been notified by the French Minister of the Interior, that away fans including corporate guests will not be admitted on Thursday night to the Groupama Stadium in Lyon, France.

We understand that there is a “festival of light” planned in the city which will test the policing resource and city infrastructure. As you are aware, we previously underlined to our support that the local authorities in France were being intransigent and initially unwilling to engage.

However, only late last week they agreed that we could have 2200 supporters admitted. The decision to reverse this is bemusing, and extremely frustrating, given the short notice. It beggars belief that 3 days after that decision was taken and 3 days before the match is due to be played, it is our supporters who are now going to be left out of pocket by this decision by the French interior minister.

We empathise with the feeling of supporters, who have made travel plans months in advance. Furthermore, we were allocated tickets several weeks ago, which adds further confusion to the most recent decision to not admit our fans.

Rest assured, we have made representations to UEFA, OL and the French authorities. However, regrettably, this situation is now out with our control. Nevertheless, we are duty bound to ask all supporters including corporate guests to not travel to France.

We appreciate the frustration of our support, and will work to ensure a refund for tickets is processed forthwith.

Prior to the match at Ibrox in September the Lyon team bus was heavily vandalised with Union Bears style grafiti.

Twice in 2019 UEFA closed part of Ibrox due to racist abuse from fans, this season BT Sport have had to make alternative broadcasting arrangements after certain pundits were refused media access to Ibrox.

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  • Gerard F Reilly says:

    I think it.s a shame the The rangers tourists will be deprived of seeing moussa dembele strutting his stuff , looks like the Brondby report has reached the french F A , but at least the game will likely be shown on you tube comedy channel ” ?

    • John mcghee says:

      Well done to the French atleast its catching on the huns now that teams dont want there fans anywhere near there country incase the zombies smash up just like they do when they have had their glue so well done and i hope all European teams and country ban these bullies from smashing up there towns its about time it happened to the cheating newco sevco and scum fans that follow there new club sevco 2012..hahahahaheheheheeeeee

  • John S says:

    The French couldn’t let them travel because it would’ve made Moussa Dembele a ‘security risk’. That and the fact that all of Europe know about their ‘antics’ in the first place.

  • AllaboutCeltic says:

    Obviously the French know that if they allow the racist zombies to their city, then that will require every polis in the region to cope with their endless violence and thuggery.

  • Tony B says:

    Haud oan a meenit. Whit happened tae Naewan likes us We don’t care?

    FPMSL at these sevco fvckwits.

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Couldn’t happen to a rottener bunch of diseased scum let them on the boat then sink it. HH

  • Steven says:

    Maybe the city of Lyon have made plans to show the lights festival on big-screen this in the main square there? Huns and tellies are not a good mix!! Manchester 2008, remember? 😉

  • Kate elliott says:

    Scum Supporters getting their just reward pure filth nobody wants that shower anywhere near their country they are only tolerated in Scotland because of the bigots that run the show

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:


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