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Ignorant people, brave warriors- Watch in full as Ange takes on Kyogo’s critics

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Ange Postecoglou put his diplomatic shield to one side when he was asked about the narrative of criticism developing towards Kyogo Furuhashi.

With 14 goals so far this season the striker has been a massive focal point for Celtic’s play but with that there has been growing scrutiny and criticism.

Pundits and social media outlets have highlighted certain incidents while conveniently overlooking what appeared to be a stomach grab on the hoops striker by John Souttar of Hearts.

Celtic fans have been looking for a response from the club on refereeing matters and the treatment of Kyogo on the park and in the media but most things at Celtic from scouting and transfer activity to PR strategy seem to fall on the broad shoulders of the club manager.

Fighting fire with fore Postecoglou refused to be drawn into arguments with ignorant people while sarcastically calling them out as brave warriors in their studio or lounge room.

There is a narrative of criticism developing around Kyogo?

2 minutes 30 seconds

Who are these brave people? These warriors who are accusing people who are out there. Kyogo is the size of a jockey, he’s playing against guys nearly a foot taller than him. All these brave warriors on the outside, casting aspersions, are they?

I haven’t read it; I won’t read it. You know, you end up in arguments with ignorant people, you’ll eventually become one of them. I kind of ignore those narratives as you painted it.

I think that Kyogo has been great for our football club, he’s been great for Scottish football and I’d be surprised if anyone wouldn’t want somebody of his character and his playing ability in their club or in their league. Beyond that, mate as I said, good on all these brave soldiers sitting there in their studios or lounge rooms or wherever they are. Throwing these narratives across the bay.

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  • Tony B says:

    Bullies and racists on the park and bullies and racists off the park. Cowards and liars the lot of them.

    Good for you Ange for calling them out. Keep doing it and more power to your elbow.

  • Klaatubhoy says:

    Good on Ange for backing him,but lets face it,he does go down incredibly easy at times.i know pretty much all clubs have players that do so,so its nonsense to single him out. Still cant stand it.pun intended. hH

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