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‘I’m sure Sportscene will give it the full JFK grassy knoll all angles treatment’ ‘Criminal tackle’ ‘Straight red’ Celtic fans await SFA reaction to Butcher shocker on Turnbull

Image for ‘I’m sure Sportscene will give it the full JFK grassy knoll all angles treatment’ ‘Criminal tackle’ ‘Straight red’ Celtic fans await SFA reaction to Butcher shocker on Turnbull

After the reaction to Celtic’s winning goal against Hearts in midweek hoops fans are extra sensitive over refereeing issues.

A borderline offside call that has still to provide any conclusive evidence has been turned into the biggest drama of the season despite multiple issues in Celtic matches including serious foul play against Stephen Welsh and Cameron Carter-Vickers.

After turning up on Sportsound on Saturday referee chief Crawford Allan has set a precedent that fans are following closely. Will serious foul play come under the same level of scrutiny as a borderline offside call?

For those at the match and watching on television the intent in Callum Butcher’s attack on David Turnbull was very obvious, even without slow-motion there was a clear straight leg follow through on the Celtic midfielder.

Referee Don Robertson saw it clearly enough and deemed that a yellow card was the correct punishment. In so many ways it was the wrong decision and wrong message.

It does seem that it is almost impossible to get a straight red card in matches refereed by the SFA.

Carter-Vickers, Welsh and Turnbull have escaped serious injury, there is no guarantee that that run of luck will continue. The reaction of Allan and the SFA is being watched closely.

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  • Exiled in Ard Mhaca says:

    ” Nothing to see hear Timmy now move along like good chaps” or something to that effect.

  • Brian says:

    And our club will of course be on this behind the scenes. Dear god Celtic wake the feck up!!!!

    • John mcghee says:

      Get our board tae f**k now they get paId to sit on there ar**s its now time the Celtic fans started a protest or boycott a few games because this board of cowards aren’t listening to the celtic fans and its getting worse they love the blue pound our board dirty rats everyone of them on.it.

  • the deesk says:

    Oor club has no belief in itself or their fans I a m out until they stand up for what is right, Celtic will not be champions this season or next for that matter,, the B mix need the 40 million more than we do nuff said .

  • George Kerr says:

    The whole structire of referees and the sfm, spl are in fact COWARDS. Robertson, McLean, Beaton, Madden, Dallas, , and more are all COWARDS.


    They are not cowards, they are corrupt. They are criminals. They are facilitating a financial fraud aggravated by religious bigotry and racism.

    As long as we keep moaning about cheating in a sporting context they just laugh at us.

    The same way they got away with bigotry, ‘ach it’s just a football thing’ it wasn’t taken seriously. But call it out for what it was, racism and religious prejudice, then questions get asked in the papers, in Glasgow City Council and in the Scottish Parliament. It starts to get taken seriously. They are put on notice.

    Foreign observers don’t fall into the trap of the West of Scotland Media. Start displaying banners identifying Corrupt SFA, Corrupt REFEREES, at televised games especially UEFA games where the foreign observers will notice and start asking questions as will UEFA as they will come under pressure from their sponsors and advertisers.
    So start bawlin out CORRUPTION instead of cheat and keep doing it.


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