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Sarcy Sutton reacts to Lyon fan ban

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Chris Sutton has reacted in trademark fashion to news that Lyon have banned Sevco fans from attending Thursday’s Europa League match.

No specific reasons have been given, it’s not down to pandemics, variants or travel issues but seems simply down to the identity of the fans looking to invade the French city.

There has been no sympathy expressed to Sutton when he was barred from media duties at Ibrox earlier in the season. With his other media commitments a ban from Ibrox won’t impact on his career.

Last Thursday it was announced that Lyon were providing 2,200 tickets for away supporters but the local police quickly announced a matchday ban on visiting the city centre which will host the Festival of Lights.

It seems like the prospect of an influx of gullibles from Bridgeton, Larkhall, Bearsden and Kilwinning was going to be too much to cope with resulting in a ticket ban this afternoon.

As well as travel and accommodation costs most travelling fans had booked and paid for testing on both legs of the journey plus the Day 2 PCR test after returning to blighty.

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  • Dora says:

    Rotten fans/klub, sevco fans are not invisible so that long list of skummy behavior has not gone unnoticed….what a klub!

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Who would want these bigots and racists in their country never mind a football match well done lyon .

  • Gwared says:

    Maybe our French cousin’s were as worried about the Sevco fans security as they were about Big Sutty’s? Whats that you say, they have lost a fortune, oh dear! Maybe their club will refund them?

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