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He’s got to go- Sportscene expert calls for Bitton red card

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Celtic’s win over Hearts had plenty of talking points but in among five other Premiership matches Richard Foster and BBC Sportscene felt that a potential red card for Nir Bitton was a major talking point. 

The Celtic captain was booked in the 53rd minute for the sort of run-of-the-mill challenge that John Beaton had allowed to pass without needing to produce a card. 

Cammy Devlin and Craig Halkett had both committed similar or worse fouls during the first half. When Devlin got cautioned for his third foul shortly before half-time he managed to take Greg Taylor and Jota into the book with him. 

Already on a yellow card, Bitton did deliberately handle the ball but the other Beaton, the one with a whistle, decided that a free kick was all that was required- which was the prompt for Foster’s anger on last night’s Sportscene. 

The Sun reports: 

Foster reckons Bitton should have walked by the letter of the law – even though he has his doubts over whether the Israeli should have been cautioned in the first instance.

He said: “By the rules I think yes (he should). Deliberate handball is a yellow card.

“For the first yellow, I actually don’t think he does anything wrong there. He’s trying to actually pull himself out of the way and the Hearts player goes down and it’s a booking.”

Referencing the second clip, Foster said: “It’s a deliberate handball. For me, this is definitely a booking and he’s got to go.” 

Beaton booked three players from each side in his first Celtic Premiership match of the season. 

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  • Seppington says:

    I didn’t watch it, what did they say about Robertson thinking hands are part of the chest?

  • Frankie Pearson says:

    BBC scraping bottom of barrel for pundit (foster) say no more.

  • Matthew McCaffrey says:

    This guy Foster is a real ‘Rangers’ supporter and is in no way fair minded. Is that the qualification for getting a job at BBC Scotland? By the way, he’s not an expert, he’s an ex footballer and not a very intelligent one either.

    When you think about the number of clever ex footballers who can’t get a “pundit” job and we’re stuck with him?

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Another sad hun retard. HH

  • Andy says:

    Foster’s ignorance of the rules of football in evidence yet again. Nowhere in the rules does it state that deliberate handball is a mandatory yellow card offence. This following his “opinion” of the Ideguchi foul demonstrates his incompetence. He clearly has never actually read the rules he expounds on. Why is this ignorant buffoon employed as an expert?

  • Victor Veritas says:

    Celtic’s superb league cup win clearly still upsetting the establishment broadcaster. Love it!
    The same establishment broadcaster which lies about Ol* F*rm and Rangers somehow surviving Liquidation (a feat no other incorporated entity has achieved).
    This despite Company Law and the SFA transferring the football license from Rangers in Liquidation to The Rangers. The BBC has no journalistic credibility. Best ignored.

  • Tony Douglas says:

    Unfortunately Richard Foster shows his, blue, colours every week on Sportscene. His opinions are always seen through blue tinted glasses. As an ex referee, in my mind there are 2 types of deliberate hand ball. 1st, the ball is played onto you from a shirt distance and you react by instinctively moving you hand to the ball. 2nd where you have time to think then deliberately handle the ball. The second type is a yellow card in my book.

  • harold shand says:

    He has to keep the anti Celtic opinions going or he’ll be out the door and co presenting Homes under the hammer .

  • Stev says:

    Got to keep his wee blue nose wife happy

  • John Paul Maher says:

    Richard Foster you better go to specsavers as you are so negative about 1 team and its not rangers or aberdeen you are a vindictive towards glasgows green and white ssb

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