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Ibrox WAG takes on documentary on racism in Scotland

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Jean Johansson is to make a documentary on racism within Scotland, often portraying itself as the best wee country in the world. 

Racism in Scotland isn’t as blatant and obvious as it is elsewhere and is often covered by the comforting term of sectarianism which is followed by diverting and deflecting from the sources of the issue. 

Born in Port Glasgow, Johansson will be well aware of a variety of Scottish issues, in 2008 she married former Rangers winger Jonatan Johansson who went on to have a spell on the coaching staff at Ibrox under Pedro Caixinha. 

During that period Scott Sinclair was racially abused playing for Celtic at Ibrox with the issue covered by Sky Sports. Sadly both clubs kept quiet about the incidents, no action was taken by the football authorities with Sinclair later subjected to a racist attack at Glasgow Airport. 

In 2019 UEFA closed sections of Ibrox for two matches due to racist actions from supporters. Since foundation in 2012 the Ibrox club haven’t been charged never mind punished for the racist actions from their supporters. 

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  • Brian says:

    How sweet and comfortable! Will you talk about anti Irish catholic racism, or is that not included as it’s not a colour

  • Sean says:

    I think we have moved on a lot since the mark Walters banana incident Joe, but there is some instances, like the Scotty Sinclair, and the glen kamara incident, will be a good watch that.

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