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BBC Scotland reporter invents Celtic snub from Rabbi Matondo

Image for BBC Scotland reporter invents Celtic snub from Rabbi Matondo

Fraser Fletcher looks to be in a rush to climb the ladder at BBC Scotland- a budding Kenny Macintyre or Alasdair Lamont. 

Following the O** F*** template with Celtic missing out on transfer targets is a favoured tactic of the Scottish media even though it has been dead and buried for at least a decade after the disguised remuneration scams of David Murray sent Rangers to their grave. 

Whoever signs at Ibrox it seems that Fletcher and others can’t take it as face value, there has to be a twist, beating off other clubs for the signing, preferably the club that has won 14 of the last domestic trophies in Scotland.

When Tom Lawrence joined on a free transfer it seemed compulsory to mention that Sheffield United and Blackburn had been snubbed (when that is the calibre of competition it is probably best to forget). The Scotsman decided to go for broke by describing the Derby Journeyman as a Celtic target. 

And SPFL Premiership runners up, and League Cup semi-finalists.

It is unlikely that Kimarnock or St Mirren could stretch their budget to include Rabbi Matondo which leaves just one Scottish Premier League club (note to Fraz, like Rangers the SPL is no longer with us). 

With Matondo joining Lawrence and Antonio Colak as attacking options it looks like Giovanni van Bronckhorst is anticipating the departure of Ryan Kent or Alfredo Morelos not being fit for the Champions League Third Round qualifier in three weeks time. 

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol Fletcher aye Norman Stanley Fletcher more like.Just what is it with these brain dead journalists spewing more shite out than a Blackpool donkey with diarrhoea.
    A mad YOP scheme dunderheid being let loose with his crayons.

  • harold shand says:

    How long do you think it will be until you read a headline somewhere ( probably the daily record ) saying ,,

    ‘ Gers have had a better transfer window than any other club ‘

    Taken from an interview with an ex hun ( my money’s on it being Kenny Miller )

  • the maister says:

    A few piecemeal signings at Deadco making razzle dazzle headline news. Whereas Celtic’s business is mostly done and dusted. No story in it! Hence fabrications required to link Deadco’s signings and Celtic FC. A media agenda, promoting discontinued lines along with genuine quality goods!

  • Tony B says:

    Matondo have deep feelings for Sheriff Bart.

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