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Ibrox influencer falls for claim that Celtic want match called off to mourn for Coolio!

Image for Ibrox influencer falls for claim that Celtic want match called off to mourn for Coolio!

Andy Lacey has sent out a Twitter warning about Celtic’s ulterior motive to have Saturday’s match against Motherwell postponed as a mark of respect for Coolio who died overnight.

A spoof report reeled in the Ibrox influencer as he got to the bottom of another conspiracy to deliver more points and trophies to Celtic.

Lacey has a long history of jumping in head first, 10 days after the last club match his antenna is clearly on full alert as he hunts down the latest dastardly plan.

Coolio made one visit to Celtic Park, putting on a memorable appearance on Celtic TV alongwith Gerry McCulloch and Mark Wilson.

There is no chance of Saturday’s match being postponed, as one Celtic fan noted ‘it’s what he would have wanted’.

While one outsider showed a lack of respect they were reminded that Coolio is a much loved father and grandfather. Apparently he had a remarkable sense of humour.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    King of Rap?

    Would that qualify for mass hysteria to commence…? 🙂

  • Scud Missile says:

    The method is in the madness,should the fake news of the game being postponed this would allow sevco to sit on top of the league for a week longer than the 2 hours they would be should they defeat Hearts at the weekend.
    Oh a game that on FF their klan fans are expecting to lose by at least a couple of goals.

  • Breed the head says:

    Deadybear porn .

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Andy Lacey an influencer??? What from his mammy’s basement with his dial up internet and angry purple face.guys a raving looney

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