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Dave King launches charm offensive as pressure grows on Ibrox board to sack Gio

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Dave King is launching another popularity campaign to embarrass the Ibrox board.

In March 2020 the son of a policeman from Castlemilk walked away from his role of Chairman, claiming that he had to spent his energy fighting the pandemic in South Africa.

Under the chairmanship of Douglas Park a freakish title win was delivered with King largely missing out on the glory and acclaim from supporters.

The ex-chairman has retained the biggest shareholding in the company, over 15% despite regular new issues, but has become an increasingly irritating presence around the club.

With Club 1872 unable to buy out his shares King has been on the scene whenever results take a downturn with Club 1872 now presenting him with an open meeting to appeal to loyal bears.

Tonight the Ibrox fans group announced:

Dear Contributor,

We are pleased to confirm that our Contributor Q&A with Dave King will go ahead on the 21st November at 6.30pm, at the Village Hotel in Govan. Places are limited but the Q&A will be recorded and sent out to all Contributors as soon as possible following the event. We will also take questions in advance from Contributors who are unable to attend and will endeavour to ask as many of these as possible during the allotted time. To indicate your wish to attend please email info@club1872.co.uk with the title ‘Dave King Q&A’. You can also submit questions for Mr King in the same way.

We will also shortly confirm the date of our Annual Contributors meeting which will take place in December.

Unfortunately our invitation to Rangers Chairman, Douglas Park to speak to our Contributors at a similar Q&A has gone unanswered. We have had no response to that invitation and no acknowledgement of the request. Now, more than ever, we believe that Mr Park should be making himself available to speak directly to supporters and answer their questions about the future of the club.

We would remind Mr Park that being a custodian of our great club comes with a responsibility to be open, honest and communicative with supporters. We would also, once again, urge the Rangers Board to reverse their policy of non-engagement and non-cooperation with Club 1872 and to take the steps necessary to start rebuilding the trust and confidence that has been lost over the past years. We remain open to immediate dialogue with the board as a major shareholder to try to improve the situation at the club, which is worsening on a weekly basis.
Club 1872

Since becoming interim chairman in March 2020 Park has never given any media interview, not even with RTV.

Who will replace van Bronckhorst at Ibrox?

Wee Davie has the class and dignity for it

Wee Davie has the class and dignity for it

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Robbie is the man, good European experience

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Mister Gerrard- the Prodigal Returns

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol a special guest star appearance from the KING of the CHISLERS himself Mr King.We had all known it was only a matter of time before this LEECH would be showing up and hanging about.
    Perfect timing on his part right at the time of a CRISIS though not going by the obedient media,as there’s still no broken crest of the badge.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Dave King, with his 41 criminal convictions and his “Cold Shoulder” from the City,

    should really be the SPFL CEO – if not the SFA CEO.

    An [alleged] dodgy character for a dodgy organisation?

  • Dando says:

    The lying king was very fortunate…

    The SA government relieved him of his £1 million wine cellar just in time…. As his house of cards wouldn’t have mix well wae it….


  • the maister says:

    Park being “Open, Honest and Communicative With Supporters” would certainly provide a foil for Dave in the context of the meeting.

  • the maister says:

    Good pic. of Dave, Ed. He’d be shuffling a pack of cards in his pocket there, reckons!

  • John Copeland says:

    The lyin’ King has about as much charm as the compulsory National Service papers my late Da got from the Army ,back in the day .

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