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I can’t lie to you- underwhelmed Ally McCoist’s big confession over Mick Beale

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Ally McCoist is underwhelmed by the imminent appointment of Michael Beale to take charge at Ibrox.

The club’s first ever manager lasted just over two years before walking away soon after being drawn against Celtic in the semi-final of the 2015 League Cup.

McCoist is making the most of his World Cup duties with ITV and TalkSPORT but knows that soon enough he will have to return to domestic matters and Celtic’s commanding lead in the SPFL title race.

Chris Sutton was lording it up as Giovanni van Bronckhorst imploded at Ibrox, with a huge job to do McCoist is surprised that a rookie with 22 matches on his CV has been handed the job of going head-to-head against Celtic.

Listening in to TalkSPORT this morning, the Daily Record reports:

I 100 per cent give him my total support because who ever takes the job you want them to do well but I’m a little bit surprised, I can’t lie to you. I’m a little bit surprised.

I’m very aware Michael Beale knows the club and did very well with the players beforehand and the players seem very comfortable with him which is probably the main reason he’s getting the job.

Flip side of the coin, I’m surprised because they’ve gone for someone with a lack of experience in terms of management. He started very well at QPR but they have lost four of their last five. He’s not getting it on current form. He’s getting it on what he’s done previously under Steven Gerrard.

It’s definitely a surprise because I genuinely thought they might have gone for someone with more experience because he is very inexperienced but he knows the club and was there for a good period with Steven Gerrard and left with Steven Gerrard.

But it’s obviously a gamble the board feel is worth taking and time will tell. The fans will, understandably, get behind him right away but it’s a big job and the biggest thing he’s got to do is get the recruitment sorted.

He knocked back Wolves so I’d imagine QPR’s nose will be out of joint because when he said no to Wolves they would make the assumption he’s really happy at QPR and want to stay there and do the job but the lure of Rangers has been too great but I can understand that.

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  • Frankie says:

    Panic desperation if the snake is next.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Neck and blowtorch spring to mind with this chancer. What experience in management did he have when he mismanaged the old club ?.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    He also mismanaged the new club as well to be absolutely absolutely clear on the subject.

  • the maister says:

    The Lure of Rangers is understandable for McCoist. No wonder! He did very well, out of his association with them and it hasn’t seemed to do his employment prospects any harm at all! The EBT Tax swiss is all over Talksport and ITV for the World Cup. You’d think the British notion of propriety when it comes to Law and Order would have sanctioned some of McCoist’s ambitions. But not a bit of it. It seems he only goes from strength to strength. No criminal record though, despite the fact he knew he was Tax-dodging, the cheat goes from strength to strength. And fetted by the British media. Just shows the double-standards of the Brits. Rules for everybody else. That is what they have always been good at!

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