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No style, no tactics, no desire and boring football- Ibrox fan puts it straight to Tavernier!

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James Tavernier was sailing through another dull media conference today when he was asked probably the most critical question he’s ever had in seven underwhelming years at Ibrox.

Stringing together cliches and sound-bites with y’know is the usual way for Tav as he talks up all things blue and white, reminds himself that he is a winner, plays for a club that apparently wins things with a dressing room full of winners.

Outside the usual media bubble, towards the end of today’s conference, Tav was asked about playing with no style, no tactics and no desire. For extra impact the questioner also put it to the former Wigan star that the football was boring.

The 31-year-old barely changed his style. Initially going for ‘first and foremost’ followed by an ‘obviously’ he then trotted out comments about being in a results driven business, possession based teams and finally in his usual dead-pan delivery suggested that his side plays free flowing football!

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FAN MEDIA: Good Afternoon James, there has been a high level of criticism from the supporters who say that there is no style, there is no tactics. There is no desire in the squad, that the football is boring and has been for a length of time.

How do you respond to that and do you need to take more responsibility as players on the pitch off the manager going forward

JT: Em, first and foremost it is obviously a result driven business, you are there to win games. Err, our style of play is to keep possession. I think if you see the best teams in the world it is about possession, they are possession based teams.

We’re not just a team that just sits in and tries to break on the counter. Em, everybody has their opinions, em, everybody is entitled to their opinion. We’re obviously there to play the game the best that we can. Fast flowing football and you just have to try and be more clinical.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol he keeps picking his Duke of Montrose he has more sneggs up there than what was left in stadium at half time last week when Ajax wiped the floor with them.

  • peter cassidy says:

    i think he would be better racing in his car erm but not on public roads as a footballer good at taking penalties as a defender a dud.

  • Scud Missile says:

    I see a poll on FF they all want MARTINJAIL to take over. People saying on here and the Celtic blog give him a second chance, well think on this if that was the same person in charge of an under 12s team would you leave your kids with him,and all his connections with drugs and money laundering.

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