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Gullible Ibrox fans are all over the Morelos and Hagi transfer swoops and scoops

Image for Gullible Ibrox fans are all over the Morelos and Hagi transfer swoops and scoops

Ibrox fans are taking yesterday’s transfer tales about Ianis Hagi and Alfredo Moreloa.

According to highly speculative sources in Italy and Turkey Inter Milan and weighing up a January swoop for an out of condition striker while it will be a scoop for Galatasaray as they move for the lesser talented son of one of their former players.

A couple of simple checks would quickly dismiss the idea of chunky Alf lining up alongside Romelu Lukaku while even Turkish clubs don’t throw money at a one-paced playmaker that has been out injured for more than a year.

Fear not Clarky and the lads on the Rangers Review are all over it, pouring their resourcing into coming up with the most contrived analytics to justify the moves.

After 10 transfer windows trapped at Ibrox Morelos knows that he will have to stick it out in Scotland until the summer.

Last year Everton, Ajax and Southampton were stung into signing faulty goods, with two of those clubs heading for the Championship and Ajax fifth in a three horse race it will be a while before any other clubs are fooled again by the sales pitch from the Daily Record and BBC Scotland.

Meanwhile the clock is ticking down to the Record refreshing their Leeds set to swoop for Ryan Kent yarn.

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  • Stevie says:

    The Morelos story is actually about his agent flogging him on a pre contract. Not a transfer in January.
    As for Hadi hes only safe cause he signed a new deal.

    Editor: The agent for Morelos wouldn’t risk his credibility by suggesting chunky Alf to Inter, story created by an Inter fans podcast.

  • BriBhoy says:

    This is like the Poundshop version of the heady EBT-fuelled days of the1990s, when the Record would gush about multi-million pound swoops and Monaco-based super agent Willie McKay jetting in on Sir David Murray’s (borrowed) private plane, to seal the deal with Shir Sean Connery usually tagging along for good measure. There would usually be some BS about the state of the art Murray Park facilities, where the new signings would be put through their paces by medical staff and meet the other Giro-acticos in the squad, thrown in somewhere too.

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Met the wifes cousin today, a true blue.
    Absolutely bought in to all this shite the papers write. Its actually quite frightening.
    No wonder ther club died being so removed from reality.
    Deserve all they get.

  • Dando says:

    It’s actually Inter Milano fae the pitz 5 a side league that’s after him……


  • James Ward says:

    I smell shite.

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