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A tale of two football clubs- Jota on the Wing v We Don’t Do Walking Away

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Back in the brilliant spring of 2012 an elderly man with shoulders out of control captured the imagination of a group of football fans.

Using the keyboard of his grandchildren he created We Don’t Do Walking Away, the Gullible & Deluded lapped it up, apparently it was the mood of the time as their club dealt with administration. Fans raised £433,215 towards the £80m debt owed mainly to Her Majesty as they hunted for a sugar Daddy to stop Celtic winning trophies. 

The unknown keyboard player got a visit to Murray Park, manager Ally McCoist loved his rallying cry and a few months later his club was kaput. Administration ended, liquidation started but the popping shoulders and keyboard masterclass lives on, surviving the death of the club.

A decade later Celtic fans adopted a popular song to Jota, their superstar from Portugal. A few months later Ellie Dixon was asked by Patrick Kielty to sing the song on BBC 5 Live!

Soon after Big Bemz joined in, a drummer was found and a classic piano added to the unique Celtic mix. Without a single keyboard or shoulder having to pop.

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  • Duncan says:

    The Rangers fan is a harmless example of what a dedicated fan should be.
    Rather that than the Paedo chanting ,fenian hating,knuckle dragging usual example from Mordor.

  • Tony B says:

    Just a different kind of hun imbecility, but an imbecile nonetheless.

  • Tam57 says:

    Why was that prick pretending to play a kids toy?

  • paddy says:

    is that really Alan partridge.
    but hey , his piles must have been itching.

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