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Glasgow Derby tickets rumour

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A ‘well known member’ on Follow Follow has claimed that Police Scotland are putting pressure on to make future Glasgow derby SPFL matches for home fans only.

Since 2018 when Dave King caved in to pressure from suffering Ibrox fans the issue of away supporters at the fixture has been in the spotlight.

For decades each club gave around 7,000 tickets to away fans but after four successive Celtic wins King cut the allocation down to just 800, the same as all other clubs get for SPFL matches at Ibrox. Celtic responded with the same action at Celtic Park.

Robert Marshall is the owner of the Lounden Tavern and the father of the Ibrox SLO.

The two clubs are due to meet at Celtic Park on April 8 but with just over three weeks to go there has been no comment about the ticket allocation.

A number of attacks were made on the 800 Celtic fans at Ibrox on January 2, last month there were early morning clashes at Hampden as ultra fans from both clubs arranged displays.

There is a high cost for policing just 800 away fans with special arrangements put in place to get them in and out of the stadiums with minimal interactions.

Last February Celtic won 3-0 with no away fans officially in the stadium with many supporters commenting on the match as having one of the best atmosphere’s ever.

Should the Glasgow derby SPFL matches be for home fans only

Yes, it is inevitable- get it done

Yes, it is inevitable- get it done

No, away fans are essential in this match

No, away fans are essential in this match
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  • Michael Mccreery says:

    Old allocations should be brought back in for next season

  • UlyssesGunt says:

    No Sevco fans should be allowed , or … sell a limited amount of “ Family tickets “ ( two adults two kids )
    Have a special entrance for them , they can line up pre match in the Family Ticket Queue . Might have to put a huge sign up with abbreviations.

  • Jim The Tim says:

    The segregation gaps are a fkn joke financially, the Celtic support that have to give up their seat to accommodate shit is a fkn joke.
    Home support is sensible and safe.
    Any fkn idiot who talks shit about 800 away support adding to the atmosphere when a fkn idiot is banging a drum during a game need to rt their wee small mined brain into focus.
    How many empty fkn places are caused by away support, an nightmare to police and total financial nonsense.
    Time for a change for the better.

  • John S says:

    ‘Rangers’ began this process of exclusion out of fear on the pitch (income remains the same) but I don’t think smaller clubs (with less supporters) will follow suit.

  • Dinger says:

    Play them at their own game. Take it further give them none

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