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Micky Beale’s u-turn over Alfredo Morelos

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On Sunday Micky Beale told the media that he needed to see more from Alfredo Morelos.

The comment was made after the chunky Colombian was named as a substitute for the third match running with Antonio Colak preferred in attack.

Last week a ridiculous rumour surfaced that Morelos had agreed to join Sevilla in the summer, strangely there seems to be a reluctance to put that claim to anyone at the Spanish club.

Today Beale was singing a very different tune. Apparently Alfie has been outstanding since he returned to the club four months ago.

With Kemar Roof’s season over Beale has to try and get some sort of performances out of Morelos or he will have to rely on Colak through the remainder of the season.

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  • TonyB says:

    Talk shite and people listen; if you’re a hun and it’s the Scoddish meedja.

    Fannies ralottierum!

  • Desmond Dermott says:

    Please Please please gie the Fat Bastard a new 10 Yr contract lol!! Beale wiz Gimps Kitman ffs, the only reason they’re still ONLY 9 pts behind is VAR!!

  • John S says:

    Can’t even fulfil his current contract ? No offers for this world-beater, for years.

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