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Report reveals surprising circulation figures for Scottish newspapers

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A popular media Twitter account has published what are claimed to be the latest newspaper circulation figures for the main Scottish titles.

Only the Daily Record, Sunday Mail and Sunday Post have their figures audited by ABC with the embarrassing fall in numbers by other publishers kept a secret from advertisers.

The Scottish editions of papers like The Sun and Daily Mail aren’t included but with the combined reach of The Scotsman and The Herald barely over 20,000 it is easy to understand their desperation to capture online subscriptions.

In terms of news sites there is no evidence that subscriptions bring in more revenue than digital advertising with most titles scaling down staff numbers and sharing resources.

The same reporter names appear across the Daily Record, Daily Express and their Sunday editions, in England the Sunday Mirror and The People have five unique pages with the rest of their content from the Reach Group exactly the same.

With sales from outside of Scotland removed the figures are as follows:

Earlier this month the Press Gazette reported the following February circulation figures- Daily Record 61,117, Sunday Mail 59,648 and Sunday Post 44,036. All three titles were seeing circulation dropping by between 17-19% year on year.

The report is based on the same source but subtracts sales from outside of Scotland, clearly the Sunday Post is boosted strongly by sales from elsewhere.

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    200.000 papers lost from daily sales since 2013 for the Daily Radar alone.

    Could it be that the period from 2013 to date is significant due to the SMSM’s
    antipathy to the SNP Scottish Government, consistently re-elected by the Scottish
    people, that has turned their readers away.

    Add in their suicide pact with Sevco, also known as the Survival / Continuity myth / lie over the same period, ‘ The Journey’,
    and it’s clear that the Scottish People are explicitly stating that the Scottish Media has a Unionist Agenda and can’t be trusted to be honest and impartial on anything.

    HALL MEND THEM. The sooner they fold the better for Scottish society in general.

  • Mickybhoy71 says:

    Whenever I visit my mother, who buys it for the crossword, I’ll open it up and read it in under 1 minute. Turn to the sports section, speed read the celtic stuff, flick passed the other teams and sport. Half a page of politics which seems to be written by a 12 year old. The rest of the kleenex rag is full of celebrities, adverts and dull local tit bits…. It doesn’t even burn that well to start a fire

  • Duncan says:

    None of this actually matters if you keep clicking their links online.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    They get what they deserve, a complete waste of money and time.Down the Drain.

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