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The trophy countdown that bears can’t bare

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Whatever flannel and soundbites Micky Beale comes out with he can’t hide away from the FACTS! And a very uncomfortable countdown.

Celtic’s Viaplay Cup Final win was their 114th major trophy, if Ange Postecoglou’s side complete the domestic treble they will edge ahead of the trophy total of the old Rangers which includes all of the silverware won while fielding ineligible players.

The SFA and SPL refused to punish those ill-gotten gains but over the last couple of years a more painful punishment has been coming into view that only Mister Beale can halt.

He might think that he has a free hit at it, a six month honeymoon but if it is party-time in the Brazen Head on June 3 it is unlikely that Beale will be dropping in on his new mates at the Louden Tavern or District Bar.

A visit to Celtic Park is less than a fortnight away, two heavy defeats in the derby finished off Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

The stakes are now even higher for Beale, name dropping about your exploits in charge of the Liverpool u-5 to u-11 Academy won’t cut it if Celtic go into the summer as Scotland’s most successful club.

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  • Olly says:

    I am thinking that’s why they are looking for a painter and decorater….

  • BriBhoy says:

    Does the Petrofac Cup count? No doubt some numpty hun will point to the fact that they have won it and we haven’t as proof of some sort of supremacy, once we blow their trophy tally out the water – the combined NewCo/DeidCo total, the total including all of their ill-gotten asterisk titles/cups, or whatever. And if they really are the same club, as they always (wrongly) claim, it will have taken us 16 years less to rack up all those trophies too. Guess that will be another kick in the nads for them.

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