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Behind enemy lines- Are Celtic fans snapping up Ibrox tickets as loyal bears walk away?

Image for Behind enemy lines- Are Celtic fans snapping up Ibrox tickets as loyal bears walk away?

Loyal bears seem to be walking away from Saturday’s Glasgow Derby in their thousands.

With the ticket issue escalating to a complete ban on away fans Saturday’s match could be the perfect opportunity to cheer Micky Beale onto a historic victory.

Using Ticket Sub, Ibrox Season Ticket holders can return a single match ticket for the company to sell at a premium price while the fan gets a credit of 75% to be used on club purchases.

The one flaw in the system is called market forces, supply and demand. While thousands of bears would rather sell their ticket there is very limited demand from My Gers members to watch their side in action against the champions.

That has opened the door for some brave Celtic fans to go behind enemy lines by getting tickets through My Gers members, sensible hoops fans will watch at home or down the pub as Ange Postecoglou’s side look to complete the season with five wins and one draw from their Glasgow Derbies.

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  • JPD says:

    We got 6, not right together though but should be fine for the last 20 minutes

  • KC67 says:

    I wouldn’t give they tramps tuppence.

  • Captain Swing says:

    Jeez, rather them than me. I’ve been in with the Hearts fans at the old Tynecastle. That was bad enough. Mordor itself is beyond the pale. Still, some are just made to go full-on ‘Para’…. I prefer to leave football grounds with the same number of teeth I arrived with!

  • Steven R says:

    Personally, I’d prefer if no celtic fans went. That’s only putting money in the Sevco coffers. How do they even break even if only 10-15 thousand gullibillies gullibillies turn up for the Derby? Imagine Sky Sports trying to explain the empty stands? Folk will think it’s covid season all over again!!

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