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Micky Beale reveals £50m transfer windfall

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Micky Beale has revealed a £50m transfer windfall from last year.

There has been plenty of speculation over the fees brought in for Nathan Patterson, Joe Aribo and Calvin Bassey but the reality is that the Ibrox club required three separate share issues since the turn of the year to keep the lights on.

Aribo’s fee has been nailed down at £6m with absolutely no chance of mysterious add-ons which leaves £44m for Bassey and Patterson in the wacky world of Mister Beale.

Listening to Beale discussing Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent, the Daily Record reports him saying:

You’re not going to push anyone out the door. It’s all right to say we should have taken this or that but in that time I don’t know if people would have traded a title, a European final or a Scottish Cup.

If you look at it and put those two players together and say they cost Rangers what they did then they have made fantastic contributions to the club. If you look at recent individual cases, Calvin Bassey for 230 grand, Joe Aribo for 200 grand, Nathan Patterson out of the academy. There’s £50m there.

Not even BBC Scotland or the Record have tried to aggregate those three transfer fees to £50m.

At an absolute push Patterson cost £9m in January 2022, after 14 EPL appearances it is fairly safe to say that not even Everton will have paid out any bonus payments on that move.

In the club accounts to 30 June 2022 a small loss was reported with a note that dealings in the summer transfer window had generated a profit of £4.9m. A later statement explained that that figure had been wiped out by January signings Todd Cantwell and Nicky Raskin alongwith the pay off to Giovanni van Bronckhorst and his management team.

Beale can now turn his coaching and accounting skills to winning the first trophy of his managerial career. While being in charge of bibs and cones for Gary McAllister his club won one trophy out of nine, St Johnstone won twice as many trophies during that spell.

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  • Dando says:

    What time is it, Ange?

    It’s Junk Time……


  • Duncan says:

    I see the Ayebrokes Calcumalator has been fired up again.
    The Speshull 1690 Edition from Taxless Instruments comes with an offishul 150 Year Warrenty in the form of a side letter.

  • the maister says:

    According to ” .transfermarkt.co.uk”, the market value of those three players is 3+7+10M = 20 million pounds.
    Makes you think what else is actually on the sevco balance sheet!

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