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Oh Barry- after Gio having Ange sussed Ferguson has come up with another red neck

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Not for the first time this season Barry Ferguson has called things horribly wrong.

Back in September he told Daily Record readers that Giovanni van Bronckhorst had got Ange Postecoglou sussed. The Dutchman had plans B, C and D in place to deal with the one trick pony from Australia, showing his understanding of fitbaw Fergie tipped Ryan Kent to run amok!

That one didn’t end well.

Throughout this season Fergie has been providing a running commentary on Ryan Kent’s contract, confidently tipping the former Liverpool starlet to sign a new contract. Apparently the special relationship with Micky Beale would take his game to new levels.

Not only did Beale announce  today that Kent will be leaving next week but there has never even been a contract offer made to the Step Over legend.

In the olden days Fergie’s predictions would be forgotten once they had been used as chip wrapping, these days there is no escape from the predictions that comforted bears during another season of out and out misery.

On September 2, the day before the first Glasgow Derby of the season, Ferguson told Daily Record readers:

While Big Ange has only one way of playing, Gio has shown he can roll out plans A,B,C and D. Sometimes in the course of the same 90 minutes! So he’ll know what is required from his players. Keep it tight, withstand the early onslaught and then, once they’ve grown into the game, look to pick Celtic off on the counter because, let’s be honest, they don’t half leave themselves wide open at the back.

A guy with the pace of Ryan Kent could run amok if Rangers hit them at the right moments and use the space behind Celtic’s central defenders. And that’s where I see this game being won and lost, even though it’s very difficult to second guess what van Bronckhorst’s starting line-up will look like.

The Record and Go Radio continue to pay Ferguson to share his thoughts on football.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    I don’t blame wee Benny Ferguson for the shite he comes out with, it’s the daily sevco and Go Radio who still continue to pay the wee FUD money for fairytale stories.

  • Heed the breed says:

    Towards the end when Alfie Kent Lundstrome what I noticed and obviously they’ve had there heads turned on they started to bless themselves at every opportunity.
    Just remembered that defoe was advised not to do that must of upset the braindeed1690 horde but especially Management so fair play onto that they fecked management sideways.

  • Tony B says:

    Every time I see Barry Backpass he looks more and more like Lloyd Christmas out of Dumb and Dumber, except the guy in the film was much more intelligent.

  • Davie says:

    Anyone got some gum gum for dum dum.

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