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Will Sky Sports stand by Sutton or cave in to Ibrox orders?

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Sky Sports are facing a very interesting dilemma with their recruitment of Chris Sutton to their pundit team for next season.

Back in September 2021 the former Chelsea striker was denied access to Ibrox for reasons that have never been explained.

In retaliation BT Sport hosted Europa League group match programmes from Celtic Park which produced the bizarre sight of Kenny Miller and Alex Rae in full flow inside an empty stadium as they shared their thoughts on a match taking place a few miles across the city.

When it came to the knock-out stages BT Sport were fully back on message, broadcasting from inside Ibrox with Sutton elsewhere. His views haven’t mellowed or been diluted, presumably that is why Sky have brought him on board their team for Scottish football.

In the early weeks of next season Ibrox will host the first Glasgow Derby of the SPFL Premiership season.

Sutton v Kris Boyd pre and most match would be fantastic box-office but as it stands diehard bears are convinced that the man that dare speaks the truth is banned from being inside The Old Lady.

Will new CEO James Bisgrove cave in to the SPFL’s broadcast partner, will Sky Sports drop Sutton or put their two star pundits in a studio elsewhere to reflect on the action from Ibrox?

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  • Scud Missile says:

    The blue pound will win the day Sutton will be nowhere near the BIGOT DOME the onion bears will see to that.

    • bertie basset says:

      not so sure , sutton is english after all and sky do protect their own , i’m minded that he who pays the piper calls the tune , and if they can set the times for kick off they can surely set who’s in place to comment on their coverage , the beggars will have their blue nose’s browned for them !! lol

  • J.P. Docherty says:

    I am very much looking forward to Chris Sutton put the pressure on the intellectually challenged Boyd, with the consequence that Boyd makes a complete fool of himself which will ensure Sky relieve themselves of his dearth of talent and insight by the January transfer window or even earlier.

  • John Copeland says:

    The Rangers declared that they cannot guarantee the safety of Chris Sutton inside or outside Ibrox park ! A journalist doing his job of work who is in danger of being harmed and the police or the governing bodies do nothing to help …. It’s quite shameful !

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