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I’m terrified for the immediate future, I can’t lie- fears of an Ibrox influencer

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While Celtic fans laughed away at the claims of Neil Banfield, not everyone was thrilled by the comments of Micky Beale’s chunky Number 2.

Whoever decided to put the one-time Arsenal coach in front of the cameras has a lot to learn about the dark arts of PR unless it is one of the many Celtic fans that have worked their way into the fabric of the Tribute Act.

It really should have been straightforward for Banfield to accept some humble pie, accept that things haven’t been going to plan but the players and management were working round the clock to put in better performances.

Old school Banfield was having none of that, everything was hunky dory, Scott Wright was outstanding against Motherwell in his first appearance of the season, things were so good that fans and pundits had even missed out on a win over PSV Eindhoven.

With 13,000 You Tube subscribers and his Celtic post-match video being watched more than 60,000 times Steely has very decent reach to bears across social media.

The Delusions of the Lockdown Season and the thrills of drinking out the lavvies in Seville have long given way to reality, especially since the afternoon of September 3.

Three wins on the bounce without losing a goal makes for a decent sound-bite but another slip isn’t far away with Banfield’s soothing words likely to be thrown back at Beale as he heads down the Marble Staircase for the final time.

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  • Dando says:

    “Beale as he heads down the Marble Staircase for the final time”….

    Let’s hope not !!!!!!

    Editor: Enjoy him while he’s here, I fink he’s a goner, he won’t be in the away dug out on December 30.

  • Bob (original) says:

    So, the day after this guy called Banfield covers for Beale’s presser,

    Ibrox wheels out another unknown guy / coach – Watling? – to share his wisdom with the SMSM.

    It’s as if the Blue Room doesn’t want Beale in front of the cameras…?

    Is Beale still there? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • John mcghee says:

    Can aberdeen put the booing back on again when they go to cheating liebrox at the weekend and take the 3 points back up the road with them our will MR McClean help his brother new club out ill leave this one out for yous..THE SFA.SPFL ARE CORRUPT FOR ONE CLUB ONLY IN SCOTLAND AND THATS TEAM THATS PLAYING IN OLDCO BLUE SHIRTS CHEATS OF SCOTLAND OLDCO AND NEWCO AND EVERY OFFICIAL IN THE SPFL.RATS.

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