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Has Graeme Souness been ditched from his ‘imminent’ role at Ibrox?

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Three weeks after discussing his imminent appointment at Ibrox as a consultant/ambassador Graeme Souness is still waiting to be measured up for his blazer and brogues.

The former Newcastle boss has been out of football almost 20 years with the Stevens Report in 2012 acting as a red flag to any club considering offering him a hands on roll.

With Walter Smith no longer around to play the mentor or Doyen of Dignity role Ibrox fans have taken to the man that ditched their old club late in the 90/91 season for a disastrous stint in charge of Liverpool.

During the summer Souness did hold talks with James Bisgrove about some sort of job but both parties were unable to agree the right financial package.

Souness was brought on board to identify Micky Beale’s successor but has been telling his chums at TalkSPORT how Frank Lampard was better suited for the job than Philippe Clement.

Despite attempts to backtrack that issue is hanging in the air, bringing in Souness in any sort of role will make things awkward for the Belgian who has the task or rescuing this season after Beale’s disastrous start.

It is more than a month since Clement was appointed, despite claiming to be a die-hard fan Souness hasn’t been spotted at Ibrox to see how the new boss is coping.

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I’m not sure it’s a senior advisory role. It’s more of a consultant, ambassador but I’m a Rangers supporter.

I had the chance to go back early season and I didn’t feel the job description was right for me but I’d love to help them. I want them to be successful again. I want them to be top of the league, I want them to be top of the Scottish game and do well in Europe going forward.

If I can offer any advice to any part of the footballing part of the job then I’ll do it. And I have to say I’m pretty close to agreeing everything, we’ve just got a few things to iron out.

If there is no announcement next week it looks like Souness has been denied an Ibrox salary, with his media connections he could be dangerous outside of the tent when things start to go wrong for the new manager.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Maybe Bisgrove offered Souness an equity stake in sevco – instead of a salary? 🙂

    Souness should stick to cash-in-hand gigs at The Louden Tavern, [allegedly].

    At least he’s guaranteed to be paid,

    and the punters will hang on every word the arrogant dinosaur utters,

    …for sure!

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Not a snowballs chance in Hell that Clement will entertain him after his alleged promotion of Lampard…

    And I think more Lies from Liebrox- surprise surprise –

    Wasn’t Souness a Heart of Midlothian supporter…

    Before selling his soul to the devil –

    And Kenny Miller The Hibernian fan on the other side of the city did the same…

    My Goodness – There are some strange, strange people that became peepil out there !

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