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You need only vision when Kris is doing his match-day TV punditry- Hugh Keevins destroys Kris Boyd after his Aberdeen rant

Image for You need only vision when Kris is doing his match-day TV punditry- Hugh Keevins destroys Kris Boyd after his Aberdeen rant

Hugh Keevins has delivered a scathing attack on Kris Boyd following his rant at Aberdeen last Sunday.

The former Kilmarnock striker was in full message-board mode as he claimed it to be a FACT! That Aberdeen players sat back against Celtic but will be raising their game when the Ibrox Tribute Act visit Pittodrie on Sunday.

It was completely unprofessional but par for the course for Boyd, using the same metrics he must have raised his own game when he was playing Dundee United and Motherwell while he opted out of scoring against Celtic.

Aberdeen didn’t seem to put up much resistance to Boydy who netted 19 goals against the Dons but just once, in a dead rubber against Celtic during his glory days at Ibrox and Rugby Park.

Stan Petrov and James McFadden took a step back in the Sky studio as they quietly laughed at Boyd’s rant after he had suffered through a 6-0 defeat from Celtic.

Pundits and columnists rarely turn on each other but in the Daily Record Keevins offered is view on the star of Sky’s Scottish football coverage:

I don’t subscribe to the accusation put forward by studio pundit Kris Boyd that it is a “fact” Aberdeen drop their standards whenever they play Celtic and raise their game when Rangers are the opposition.

As will be the case in the league at Pittodrie on Sunday – and Hampden for the cup final two weeks after that. You need only vision when Kris is doing his match-day TV punditry.

There is no need to turn up the volume – because Boydy’s face is an instant indication of what’s going on at any given moment. It is wreathed in smiles when Rangers are winning and bears a tortured expression if they are not.

The opposite emotions are facially evident so far as Celtic games are concerned. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that so far as I am concerned.

Kris played for Rangers with great distinction and his affection for the club is mirrored in his work. All good, clean fun.

That hast line is unlikely to placate Boyd as he seeks out enemies to cover up for his lack of broadcasting ability, covering English football even Paul Merson calls him out as Boyd tries and fails to provide some personality to his Sky appearances.

Aberdeen have won three of their first 11 SPFL matches with their win at Ibrox at the end of September ending the Micky Beale Revolution!

CLICK HERE for Boyd’s scoring record, Transfermarkt don’t include matches played after the SPFL split

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  • Tam says:

    The less said about him the more chance sky will bin him……he talks p”&h people react sky love it….

    • John Copeland says:

      It’s all good clean fun ! That’s how the old QEII described big fake Kris Boyd’s weekly , nauseating rants allowed by Sky Sports . It would be nice if the show host – Ms Barbour – would demand that Boyd provide the irrefutable evidence to back up his spurious claims of Aberdeen ‘lying down ‘ to Celtic ? No chance ! The SS give him carte blanche to be as controversial and inept as humanly possible ….one clumpany being the exception of course !

  • Justshatered says:

    “The opposite emotions are facially evident so far as Celtic games are concerned. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that so far as I am concerned.”

    So there is nothing wrong with a pundit, who is paid to be impartial, behaving like an bitter fan ?
    That statement alone sums up what is wrong with reporting on Scottish football.
    Is it any wonder the English laugh at us when Boyd is the best we can offer in insightful commentary.

  • John mcghee says:

    Boyd is just a bitter hun who should be no where near a TV SPORTS CHANNEL that clown should be sacked but sky are just as bad now aswell…

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    He is only saying that there is nothing wrong with what ‘Boydeee’ is doing because…

    He does the exact bloody same –

    Celtic Baaaaaddddd and Sevco Maaagggnnniffficcceeennnt !

  • Johnno says:

    “All good, clean fun” coming from the same prick, who last week was trying to claim Rodgers was for the off?
    We went into the sheep match on the back of a humiliation of a defeat, with all the scum cheerleaders sharpening the pencils for the amount of shite they were hoping to put upon our club?
    What did they get in return?
    The statement victory, a bit overdue, and all with the missing firepower that Hatate, Maeda and Abada provide?
    To much for that horrible Hun fuck to handle, with the Hun scum bitterness seeping and oozing out of every pore of the bitter fuck?
    So that’s OK by another stupid old git acting as another Hun scum cheerleader?
    A scandalous claim, where these pair of gobshites refuse to look upon the Rodgers factor with the depth of squad on show?
    Rodgers and the team/squad gave the response and to much for a pair of shitehawks to handle.
    A period of games now before the winter break, where we might not actually confirm the winning of the SPFL title, but certainly one where the scum could and should confirm that they certainly won’t?
    Squad depth will be tested to the maximum over this period of matches, and we hopefully have big players to return, where the scum will depend upon the shite they still have, without just a bigger amount of shite as back up options, so no room for any potential injury issues either?
    We still have the option of strengthening in January upon a couple of areas within the squad, with the remainder of this season and next already in mind?
    But for all the scum cheerleaders within Sky and the Scottish media why face the truth when a good lie is good enough, and getting the backing from such useless and gormless old eejits?

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