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BRUTAL- Watch the over the ball Goldson lunge that Collum refused to punish

Image for BRUTAL- Watch the over the ball Goldson lunge that Collum refused to punish

Once again Scottish match officials demonstrated that Connor Goldson has his own interpretation of the Laws of the Game.

Since VAR was introduced in October 2022 the former Shrewsbury star has escaped punishment from numerous handball incidents in the penalty box including a double offence against Aberdeen in midweek.

Whoever is the referee or on VAR duty know to blink and look the other way when Goldson offends, then send the message out to BBC Sportscene and other willing messengers to justify their unique interpretation of the Laws of the Game.

Yesterday Goldson decided to test the match officials with a a lunge at the foot of an Ayr United player. With Willie Collum on the pitch and Andrew Dallas in the VAR room the defender knew that there was virtually no chance of being punished.

Going down to 10 men during the first half would have tested the 1-0 lead of the Ibrox club, had a defender from any other club committed that lunge Collum would have been getting a call over to review the incident on the monitor.

VAR will be in operation in the Celtic match today, true blue David Dickinson will be looking to do his family proud with Alan Muir as back up on VAR.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Broony could have a bit of fun at sevco’s and the SFA’s expense:

    he could publicly demand that he never wants Collum reffing an

    Ayr game again?

    The SFA can’t punish him – as sevco received no punishment.

    And sevco would naturally support Broony in his complaint about Collum…?


    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Great point Bob (original) !

      It is indeed incredible what Goldson gets away with in Scotland –

      That’s obvious handball incidents in games v Celtic, Hibernian and Aberdeen that I know of…

      If Scotland has a basketball team could he be selected as he’s living here ?

      He’d be a top first pick for any manager of such a said basketball team !

  • harold shand says:

    Gets away with one big call every game

    I said it a few weeks ago on here , the most protected player in Scotland

    When it comes to VAR he’s the invisible man

  • MartinKennea says:

    That Ayr United player should get that cxnt charged with assault .

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