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Oh Keith! Jackson’s classic Dens Park clanger…

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Last Wednesday Keith Jackson knocked out yet another masterpiece, being an old hand in the business he spiced up an interview with Brendan Rodgers from Celtic TV with the update that the hoops boss was trailing their city rivals by two points.

For some reason the article moved from Draft to Published and appeared on the Record website for 100 minutes which covered the period when the match at Dens Park was postponed sparking more outrage among angry bears.

Jackson was so confident in A Proper Manager that his whole article revolved around Rodgers chasing down the Ibrox Juggernaut.

Today’s SPFL Premiership table must make very uncomfortable reading for the veteran Record reporter.

Rather than his side trailing by two points Rodgers has a side sitting three points clear with five matches left to play. With a pleasing goal difference that is five up on their city rivals.

If Celtic win their next three matches they will be at least six points ahead with two matches left to play as the Ibrox title hopes plunge faster than the Record’s drop in circulation.

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  • The Joker says:

    The towel has already been thrown in by the sevco players one their players did an interview last night or today and said that the belief in the team has gone.

    Now that says it all,their heads are down and they now have themselves going into games with no confidence,every other team needs to capitalise on that negativity.

  • Captain Swing says:

    The Pulitzer is surely in the post for “Jakey” Jackson….

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Absolutely love that last paragraph !

    Let’s hope that both scenarios continue…

    Liebrox title hopes plunge and Quicker that the Rancid Record’s circulation figures !

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