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Teeth marks all over my backside- Barry Ferguson’s painful confession from the Dens Park trenches

Image for Teeth marks all over my backside- Barry Ferguson’s painful confession from the Dens Park trenches

Two weeks ago Barry Ferguson was telling Daily Record readers how confident he was about going into the trenches alongside warriors like James Tavernier, Connor Goldson, Cyriel Dessers, John Lundstram and Borna Barisic.

After too many years of misery and pain the former Alloa and Clyde boss could see the promised land, it looked happy and glorious with no sign of any unexpected sniper fire.

With A Proper Manager in charge at Ibrox it looked like the post-split Glasgow Derby could be the title clincher ahead of a full on invasion of George Square and some busy nights at Accident and Emergency Wards.

Ferguson took Record readers through his staunch routine as a player for games against Selik, waking up early on matchday, slipping into his favourite trackie, soaking up the Stadium hatred of the fans during the warm up before the victorious battle against the hoops.

Record readers love all that crap, unfortunately after picking up two points from three matches Ferguson had to indulge in a bit of backtracking to his army of readers:

No one enjoys having to admit when they’ve got it wrong. So what I’m about to write won’t be easy.

But a couple of weeks ago I didn’t just make a mistake in this column – I ignored all my instincts and threw caution to the wind when I predicted Rangers would go into the post split fixtures five points clear at the top of the table and on their way to the title.

In my own defence, I did add that football does have a habit of biting you on the bum if you start taking anything for granted. So now here I am, with teeth marks all over my backside, trying to work out what the hell has just happened over the course of the last fortnight. And the truth of the matter is it’s getting very difficult for me to try to defend the indefensible where my old club’s recent results and performances are concerned.

Let’s just say I was almost lost for words on Wednesday when I watched them lose another two precious points in Dundee and it left me feeling so down that I struggled to get a decent night’s sleep. But, after a lot of tossing and turning, I woke up yesterday morning and gave myself a shake because, for as long as it’s still possible for Rangers to win this league, then supporters like myself have a responsibility to back the team through difficult moments such as these.

That’s more like it Baz, the sort of spirit that Mister Clement requires on Sunday when he takes his side into the trenches at Hampden.

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  • John A says:

    Poor Barry was at the back of the queue when brains were being handed out

  • Tony B says:

    He does a lot of tossing and shaking does Bawwy Backpass.

    Ideal qualifications for a hun.

  • Tony B says:

    The teeth marks on his backside were probably his own given his propensity for talking out of his arse.

  • John Copeland says:

    His boss – Mrs Ferguson won’t be too chuffed at his wrong predictions ? Those type of scenarios could cost you your livelihood…and that’s all money down the drain as she’s in charge of the dough after signing it all over to her back when Hector was sniffing around ! Remember ? How would he have felt also ,when Mr Clem-on picked Alex Rae rather than him , the ex the Rangers captain as a goffer employee ? That’s a proper old kick in the Donegal’s ?…..innit!

  • Stevie says:

    He wisnae even in it.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    There are so many of them like Fergushun that it’s off the scale…

    They seem to all have this ingrained DNA that they will win everything ever single time and every single competition…

    And crushing disappointment after crushing disappointment doesn’t seem to deter them one little iota either and like the punch drunk drunk in the pub they just seem to keep staggering back for another beating…

    Strange Strange Strange peepil indeed !

  • Tam57 says:

    Barry the fud , always touting for that job at Castle greyskull, surreptitiously he thinks, but we can all see you Barry ?

  • JC. says:

    Candy gram for mongo.

  • Stewart says:

    He say wot the happened to this team!!!!!! They’ve been shite for the best part of it,, blooter ING an running lyk fk,,, comentators,, lackeys,,, an nut jobs lyk wee buzzing baz tellin all that listing an read its sublime passes,, pen an free kick count, added mins at end o games tells different stories,,,

  • Captain Swing says:

    That’s the spirit, Finbar! Walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain etc etc

  • scousebhoy says:

    his old club went bust and ceased to exist in 2012. i read on another site he said the first half against celtic was a freak ?. the people who give his like a platform should be jailed .

    • FSTB says:

      He must have penned that prediction in crown bar whilst having some free pints with the guy selected to ref the game .
      Unfortunately the sevco are s###e and even all the help in the world couldn’t get them the win

  • BriBhoy says:

    So he spent the night “tossing” and then “gave himself a shake” in the morning. Always thought he was a complete w@nker.

  • john clarke says:

    Could be that the overall standards of Scottish Premiership Clubs
    has improved. Dundee Fans are on a high. They have a good mix of
    experience and young players….with “on loans” from EPL and
    Championship Clubs. Under Doc they will be stronger next season.
    The body language of PC is all wrong, Hands outstreached with a
    gapeing mouth yelling, sends a message of dispair to his players.
    At times he looks like a startled rabbit in the spotlight, waiting for a
    four ten shotgun to blow him away. Ange and Rodgers show confidence, even when the team is in a hole, Baz “get used to it”.

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