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You cannot be serious- Truth about ‘4 Celts missing from St Mirren match’

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With old school print reporters being made redundant at an incredible rate, including Henry Winter this week from The Times, publishers are throwing their lot on to the digital future.

It offers a fresh start, a blank canvas and the opportunity to reach into areas way outside of traditional circulation zones.

You can now read the Evening (Glasgow) Times in Edinburgh and Dundee alongside your breakfast, similarly Weegies can enjoy the Courier with Jim Spence or the Press and Journal without getting on a train out of Queen Street.

While the quality of some newspapers might have been at times questionable they were award winning in comparison to some of the absolutely desperate content that you will find on their new generation websites.

Glasgow Live!, Edinburgh Live! etc were born out of Reach (owners of the Record) trying to make an impression on a younger generation, looking at their Google Analytics and Ad Revenue it is hard to see them surviving much into the future as publishers discover that the Internet thingy isn’t the piece of cake that they had imagined it to be.

Linking titles in to aggregators does open doors but sometimes they are best left shut when the content is horrendous, like today’s tale from National World warning that Celtic have ‘4 players out’ as Brendan Rodgers prepares to face St Mirren tomorrow.

From his media conference, available on You Tube from mid-afternoon it became known that Daizen Maeda and Liam Scales won’t be facing St Mirren.

But who are the other two absentees teased by Glasgow World:

3. James McCarthy (out) – Celtic

The midfielder has fallen out of favour at Celtic Park and hasn’t played since October 2022.

4. Hyeok-kyu Kwon (ineligible) – St Mirren

The South Korean midfielder can’t play against his parent club. He joined St Mirren in January and has since played eight league games.

The story comes from

Harry Mail is a football writer who covers across a wide range of titles including London World, The Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Evening Post, Manchester World, Newcastle World and Bristol World.

Good luck to Harry and Glasgow World trying to build a brand and following with content like that.

They’d have been as well adding Jota and Carl Starfelt to the list of absentees, or perhaps Yuki Kobayashi, Dane Murray and Joey Dawson to the players missing.

Throw in Tobi Oluwayemi and everyone else out on loan and you could probably make a full team of players missing from tomorrow’s match.

Maeda and Scales will be missed, Glasgow World won’t unless they decide to use someone capable of a little thought and research as they cover Celtic where supporters already have more than a dozen fan websites and podcasts delivering genuine content that supporters return to time and time again. Exactly the type of online visitor that legacy media outlets are screaming out for.

Producing ‘Evergreen’ content that consists of lists of pubs, resteraunts and famous people from towns in and around Glasgow seems to be the driving force for Glasgow World, good luck with that, if they want to do Celtic they’ll need to escape from Google and try some old school fresh air or get properly involved.

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  • Terence Nova says:

    A wonderful forensic look at ” How others see us “….Well done Joe.

  • TicToc says:

    I must say I was gutted to hear of Daizen and Liam’s enforced absences and just hope they’re not for long, IMO Daizen especially for his energy work-rate and occasional, OH FOR FUKK’S SAKE moments. Liam’s been a good partner for CCV but has a lot of areas to improve on. But just how TF will we manage without McCarthy?

    That Glasgow World pish? Another embarrassing offer from god knows who but we all know of the Daily Rancid, its owner Reach and various shite like Football Insider, Football This and Football That. On another note I hear of a new (newish?) Tim site, Celtic365, so I’ll be spending some time there and NONE on anything to do with Reach or anything like it.

    BTW, let’s follow Turkey’s FA and bring in foreign VAR operators NOW, as they have done. It’s for precisely the same reason, well allegations of cheating in Turkey and KNOWN cheating in Scotland. CALL IT AND CHAIRMAN LAWWELL OUT!!!!!

    • Walter chinstrap says:

      Tic I’ve been saying for a year that the VAR team could be on the Fukin moon with today’s technology there is no need for unscrupulous hun boys frae Lanarkshire pressing buttons

      • TicToc says:

        Aye Walter, if only one of us instead of Lawwell had been CEO or Chairman all the hun cheating would’ve been nipped years ago.

  • Paul Aurige says:

    You forgot Jimmy McGrory.

  • Paul Mc says:

    Du Wei is looking dodgy too, best he rests up……it’s like that HITC site. You read something on it that’s all stats based. Written by AI probably as it has no frame of reference to reality or emotive content. I’d rather have DM and LS rested for the upcoming game against the nazgul (the record is always saying their strikers “swoop” in to bury chances haha)

  • Captain Swing says:

    Am I alone in thinking “Harry Mail” probably isn’t really a person and is more likely just the pen name used for ChatGPT output?! I think mainstream print media failed to adhere to the old maxim of “adapt or die”. If the likes of Henry Winter is being made redundant, some of the stenography corps on the Glesca sports desk really will be asking “do you want fries with that?” in the course of their work before much longer! At least Spew Heavings already has his state pension….

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