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There was one big incident in the game- Stephen Glass hits back at Sevco’s dodgy dossier

Image for There was one big incident in the game- Stephen Glass hits back at Sevco’s dodgy dossier

Three days after their draw at Aberdeen the club from Ibrox have leaked a Dossier of Complaint about Kevin Clancy to Sky Sports. 

The timing of the leak is curious, yesterday Giovanni van Brockhorst held a media conference with no real criticism of Tuesday’s referee despite very loaded questions coming in from Ibrox fan websites. 

If Sky had released the story at 3pm today it would have had the same impact, the 11.30am release allowed Aberdeen to react as fingers were being pointed at them for getting the benefits of dodgy decisions. 

Asked about his reaction to the eight-point Ibrox dossier, Glass told The Sun: 

There’s no reaction or fallout from this end. There was one big incident in the game that I think everyone would agree upon, but we ain’t complaining about it. Us not getting a penalty was the most high-profile incident in the game but I’m not going to complain about it. 

We weren’t happy at the time and we’re still not happy but we’re not going to achieve anything by complaining. It’s their business what they want to talk about. I don’t work for Rangers, I work for Aberdeen. 

We’re not happy about the refereeing decision, it’s not the first time this year, but we’re not going to sit and complain. I’ve had myself in trouble a couple of times for talking about referees in the heat of the game this season so I’m not going to talk about referees away from a game. 

It has been reported that positive talks have been held between the SFA and the Ibrox club about Clancy. The SFA haven’t reacted to that claim, John Beaton is in charge for tonight’s Scottish Cup tie against Stirling Albion.

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  • John S says:

    Why are the Ibrox club not satisfied with due procedure and must publicise the matter before the SFA have even had a chance to consider any formal complaint (if there is one) ? These things move slowly, as Celtic can testify with certain reservations about a ref.

  • John says:

    Normal service resumed, ref gives Rangers a penalty.

  • NICK66 says:

    And the result of meeting is. For every penalty against The Rangers International (lol) Football Club, 2 penalties shall be awarded in their favour, as seen in the first half v Stirling Albion tonight.

  • Brian says:

    The question here is why are the sfa even having talks with them. They should be told to piss off. You watch the dodgy decisions we get against us from here on in.

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