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Could Manchester United to taking a close look at Kyogo?

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A week ago suggesting that Manchester United were preparing a £7m bid for Marko Arnautovic would have been described as far-fetched. Even the most desperate website would have thought a few times before clicking the PUBLISH button. 

Bizarrely the story was stood up in midweek, a bid was considered for a striker with BAGGAGE splashed all over his passport for a move to what used to be known as the The Theatre of Dreams. 

Last Saturday Brighton showed exactly where United currently stand, a club in rapid decline weighed down by a group of individuals with barely a concern beyond their next commercial deal and social media post.

A year after snubbing Manchester City for Old Trafford, Ronaldo can’t wait to get out, trying everything possible to find an escape route from his incredible contract. Marcus Rashford is being linked with a move with Mason Greenwood unavailable for selection.

Pendy is a well respected poster on Kerrydale Street with a track record of being close to what is going on inside Celtic. 

If United’s recruitment stooped down to Arnautovic there is every reason to believe that Kyogo is somewhere on the same database. 

His movement and ability would be a breathe of fresh air for United fans to watch, off the pitch his attitude would be in complete contrast to the celebrities pretending to be footballers that clog up the payroll. 

Celtic have no need or desire to do business, Kyogo seems absolutely delighted with life at the club and in Glasgow. Hopefully United look elsewhere while they try and keep up with Brighton and the other mid-ranking EPL clubs. 

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  • Bhoy4life says:

    Ronaldo is a glory hunter.
    Not a player u want in the trenches fighting for every point.
    Not for him to be battling week in week out, he wants trophies and adulation to fill his massive ego.
    Im not for one min suggesting he isnt or hasnt been a great player, he’s just in it for himself.

  • John S says:

    Special players always attract interest.

  • BriBhoy says:

    Surely they must also be “keeping tabs” on Morelos and will be “preparing a bid” worth 200 squillion quid imminently. No doubt rising to 500 squillion with the now ubiquitous “add ons”.

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