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I can’t be the first person to run away from the ship- the video clip that will define Micky Beale

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Micky Beale really has shown his naivety in the management game.

After 22 matches in charge of QPR he has notched up nine wins, five draws and eight defeats to leave his side in seventh place in the Championship and knocked out of the League Cup by League One Charlton.

It is a decent steady start but as someone now slow at putting himself forward Beale has overstepped the mark with comments and actions that will ensure he is soon back in coaching as a reluctant number 2.

An early impressive run of results brought him to the attention of Wolves but talks didn’t take place never mind a job offer being made.

Beale just couldn’t keep quiet about it, bringing it up in media interviews, discussing how important integrity and loyalty is. What a sound decent guy QPR supporters thought at the time.

The clip below is typical of him. ‘I’ve asked other people to be all in here, I can’t be seen to be the first one to run away from the ship’.

Since that interview Beale has done everything to engineer a move to Ibrox short of padlocking himself to the marble staircase.

After a Friday night loss for QPR at Birmingham, he turned down the chance to watch his side’s midweek opponents Norwich in favour of a tacky visit to Ibrox. QPR drew at Norwich then lost their next four matches.

With Giovanni van Bronckhorst under pressure Beale dropped in on The Louden Tavern and Grapes Bar to demonstrate what a staunch bear he really is. In the Directors Box he was high-fiving with Connor Goldson while van Bronckhorst dug out a 4-1 win over Aberdeen.

Not content with that the QPR manager then joined Darrell Currie for a podcast to reflect on the historic 20/21 behind-closed-doors SPFL title triumph.

For good measure he stated that if Steven Gerrard had stayed on at Ibrox they’d have won last season’s title.

The spotlight is now on Beale- does he really want the Ibrox job or does he prefer being linked with it rather than getting his hands dirty?

If he chooses to stay onboard at QPR he better improve on recent results which delivered one point from their last five matches.

Having cultivated his own image in just a few months in management results on the park will dictate whether or not e is to join Gerrard on the scrapheap.

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  • John A says:

    Hope he gets the job and we will then see Ange take care of him!

  • Seppington says:

    Gerard was handed the only title Sevco have ever “won” due to us collapsing because of Lennon Slippy could see the writing on the wall and bolted before he could be humiliated. Beale is a no-mark that will be utterly crushed by Ange if he gets the gig. He’s just the kind of arrogant wank that lot love until the derby maulings start being too painful to take…

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol bragging that had he stayed sevco would have won the title last season,if that’s the case then why didn’t this bigoted klown stay on himself and see out the challenge.
    Another arsehole full of his own publicity,mind you going on how the media treat sevco managers up here,I dare say Jackass Jackson and Worzel McKintyre at the BBC will certainly be licking the ARSE of Beale.

  • Tony B says:

    A mendacious spiv who will fit right in to the hun kultyurrrr.

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    Yer gonny get yer feet wet if ye walk away fi a ship.

  • FSTB says:

    Strange way for a manager to be endearing himself to the fanbase .
    Heading into a couple of pubs to have a few sherbets before a home game ,classy.
    Maybe looking to gain a few staunch points for when he steps into Goi ‘s vacant brouges.

    Strikes me of a guy not 100% confident in hitting the ground running ,then again I wonder if he will be bringing the old medicine bag back with him

  • Frankie says:

    Wouldn’t trust him , could get under a door with a top hat on.

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