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Out of character for him- pathetic Beale plays dumb over head-butting Ibrox coach McPherson

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Micky Beale is a football fanatic, he spends every available minute watching matches to make sure he is even more intelligent and knowledgeable than he was at the start of the day.

When he was at Aston Villa and QPR he tuned into ‘Rangers TV’ every time possible, keeping up to date with everything happening about the club that had changed his life.

Last October he turned down the chance to watch QPR’s Championship opponents in action to spend time as a fan watching a game at Ibrox.

Less than a month later him and his family were quitting London and heading back to his happy place, between Murray Park and Ibrox he just can’t get enough of all things red white and blue.

Strangely on Monday night Beale had something better to do than watch the Ibrox Women’s team in action. He didn’t have to go to Cumbernald to watch it, Sky Sports were showing it live.

After the match Craig McPherson head butted Celtic’s Fran Alonso, it was constantly on Sky Sports the following day even though BBC Scotland tried to bury it.

On Wednesday McPherson was served with a Notice of Complaint from the SFA, by Friday lunchtime football fanatic Beale still hadn’t watched the incident.

I haven’t seen it live and I know that the SFA and Rangers have an ongoing discussion around it. All I would say on Craig is that’s it’s out of character for him. Everyone that knows him in Scotland as a man, knows it’s out of character.

I haven’t seen it since but I’ve obviously been told about it. I haven’t personally spoken to him. That’s away with the SFA, they’ve cited him and those discussions are going on and it would be unfair for me to comment more on that

On Sunday McPherson will be back at Broadwood as his side takes on Hibs in the SWPL. Perhaps Beale might find time to watch the incident that he was questioned about on Friday.

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