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‘Republican yes voting banger’ ‘Get him out of ibrox’ ‘Not one person likes this freak’ punters turn on celebrity Ibrox fan

Image for ‘Republican yes voting banger’ ‘Get him out of ibrox’ ‘Not one person likes this freak’ punters turn on celebrity Ibrox fan

To be fair it is quite a tough task- finding a celebrity ‘Rangers’ supporter.

After Andy Cameron and Gordon Ramsey it is a bit of a dig to find anyone prepared to risk their reputation by coming out the closet to admit to supporting the beleaguered Ibrox Tribute Act.

Even a trip to a European Final last year failed to unearth anyone of note other than serial Holyrood loser Murdo Fraser.

Somewhere inside Ibrox the name Callum Beattie was suggested as a right good blue nose to add some showbiz excitement to today’s Legends fund raiser.

A google search reveals that he has released six singles and two LP’s but the bears on the street know about his shady politics. It seems that Beattie is an SNP supporter and not a fan of Boris Johnson.

Wearing a blue kilt and Castore Sports top he appeared at half-time in today’s match, appearing in the centre circle that had been graced by many of the EBT All Stars plus Bruno Alves who turned up on condition that Moussa Dembele wouldn’t be involved.

Judging by the replies on Twitter there is still a lot of work to be done on the Everyone, Anyone front as they try to cover up a fanbase rooted in a dark colonial past that they never experienced.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Going by that £112 million figure Celtic are going to be clawing in by June,the next thing the sevco press will be screaming for is a limit on how much Celtic can accumulate into the club in a one year or seasonal period,watch out for the UNEVEN PLAYING FIELD headlines and a sporting advantage on other clubs,it’s a cert.
    But when it was Rangers holding all the aces before being liquidated and died it was working perfectly well.

  • Bob (original) says:

    I guess those Twitter Twats with strong opinions were nowhere near Ibrox
    for this fundraiser today?

    Are the bears the only footy fans in Scotland who were really looking forward to
    this international break?

    And the rookie Beale can claim “another week” unbeaten in the league! 🙂

  • Captain Swing says:

    Fair play to ‘Louisa Lundstram’ for calling out the “flag shaggers” there!!!!! Every now and then there’s the odd one among them who give you a tiny bit of hope this could be a ‘normal Derby’….. never lasts though! They routinely reinforce my negative view of them.

  • Michael Donohoe says:

    Signed already.

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