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Tam Cowan takes fright over his angry SNP rant

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Tam Cowan has pressed the DELETE button on last week’s Instagram rant about the SNP.

A mention in the House of Commons created a stir with the BBC funny-man who took to Instagram as he let go some of the issues that he’d never dream of mentioning while picking up his appearance fee for some crackin’ Saturday lunchtime banter with the state broadcaster.

That attack brought Cowan some attention on a Celtic forum, like his Westminster call-out he was all over it, sharing a screen capture to his thousands of followers on Instagram.

When this blog did a piece about Cowan’s political opinions he decided to get in touch through Instagram, since I don’t get paid by the BBC licence I never bothered looking at his no doubt hilarious message.

Fortunately his anti-SNP rant has been captured, lots of folk have read his views, perhaps even some senior figures at the impartial state broadcaster.

With an answer for everything I’m sure there is a good reason why last week’s Instagram post was deleted, probably to protect his main earner.

Wary that the days of easy money are probably coming to an end Cowan is on the road to meet his fans with some great nights of banter at Bowling clubs and Masonic Halls across Scotland.

For some diversity David Tanner is the usual MC with a former Scottish football referee supplying humour tailored for the audience of pasty faced, obese elderly men that love the working class banter served up by Tam and his buddie Stuart Cosgrove who can earn a crust outwith BBC Scotland and the Daily Record.

CLICK HERE to read Tam’s rant in full alongwith some replies.

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  • the maister says:

    Half a million a year his buddy Cosgrove and him are on I am told. Multiply that by twenty five years and that’s a lot of dough to retire on comfortably!

  • Scud Missile says:

    Two absolute FANNY’S of the highest kind,Cosgrove when attempting to speak and put a sentence together sounds like he is reading from his Janet&John book from yesteryear.
    As for FAT COWAN another miserable one that has deep pockets and scared to get a round of drinks in on a night out.

  • Duncan says:

    Anything to do with Cowan- Cosgrove and the woman’s game should be filed under :

    Whit a pair a tits.

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