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The Rocco Vata rumour

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According to the fairly well informed Celticrumours Twitter account there is talk of Rocco Vata going on a season long loan to Aberdeen.

The 18-year-old made a couple of substitute appearances last season but after two seasons in the Lowland League he doesn’t yet have the experience to step into Brendan Rodgers’ first team plans.

With Marco Tilio and Yang Hyun-jun signed during the summer there are two new wingers in their early twenties in the Celtic first team squad.

Despite some tough times Liam Scales benefited greatly from going on loan to Aberdeen last season although it remains in doubt if he will be involved with Celtic in the season ahead, another stint at Pittodrie has been suggested for the Irishman, either on loan or a permanent deal.

There was a small element of Dons supporters opposed to loans from Celtic but they kept a low profile when Scales sent a shot over Allan McGregor in April as Aberdeen moved clear into third place.

Getting Vata on loan for a season might not be ideal for Barry Robson but the new Aberdeen boss is pragmatic and will see the young winger as someone ready to take his chance at first team level.

With a Europa League Play Off tie at the end of August booked in Aberdeen are assured of group stage European football at some level which will do Vata more good than combining the Lowland League with playing in the UEFA Youth League.

Where should Rocco Vata be in season 23/24?

Celtic- if he is good enough he will get his chance

Celtic- if he is good enough he will get his chance

Aberdeen- Perfect platform to develop

Aberdeen- Perfect platform to develop

Fleetwood Town or similar English side

Fleetwood Town or similar English side

Admira Wacker- will do wonders for him

Admira Wacker- will do wonders for him
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  • Captain Swing says:

    I now wouldn’t give those f@ckers anything. Send our loan players to championship sides or to England. Or anywhere. Do not loan players to clubs who think so much of us that they will cut our ticket allocations to a couple of hundred. I would now happily applaud as they slide into administration and bankruptcy before giving them so much as a kind look on a cold night.

  • William Melvin says:

    100%,chara !
    For all the reasons you have already stated plus the additional fact that he will get absolutely no protection from the hun referee’s as the caber tossers of the SPFL sharpen up their studs in readiness for the arrival of this talented young player.
    I loved Barry Robson when he played for us but he would have no control over the skullduggery.
    Better to send him down to Broonie to take under his wing where he will thrive.

  • TicToc says:

    In any league (or other situation), if you can make things more difficult for your biggest enemy, without resorting to cheating, then you should do so. As the enemy of my enemy becomes my friend. Vata would strengthen any team in Scotland (except us for now at least) and, if Brendan thinks so, I’d be delighted to see him strengthen Aberdeen for huns games whilst not being allowed to play against us. That Ibrox shower have been bigged-up, had cheating refs delivering results for them and not an honest word from the media about them. Then we had financial cheating (EBTs) by an earlier, extinct version on top of that above. Being at Aberdeen has helped Liam and if it can help Rocco and hurt that scum across the water I’d be delighted to oblige Barry Robson and I’m sure he’d do everything to protect our young guys whilst in his charge and call out any shit coming their way from the new huns and all the playing-for-other-teams huns as and when necessary.

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