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Cantwell’s intelligence- Daily Record justifies TikTok’s entry to Simulation Game

Image for Cantwell’s intelligence- Daily Record justifies TikTok’s entry to Simulation Game

After hitting incredible depths through the close season the Sports Team of the Daily Record look to be perfectly fit and ready for the big kick off.

Two special highlights were repeating the Bayern Munich sell-on clause which will see a flow of euros heading to Ibrox because Malik Tillman refused to return to Micky Beale’s coaching sessions. Neck and neck with that moonbeam was the bumper Saudi offer that Scott Wright is still waiting on.

Whatever happens on or off the park at Ibrox the Record can be relied on to add top-spin before delivering it to their army of elderly readers.

Already the front runner for the Player of the Year awards Todd (TikTok) Cantwell has been getting the full treatment all summer long. Every social media post has been given a staunch makeover with the former Norwich starlet taking over from Alfredo Morelos as the most valuable asset at Ibrox.

Chris Sutton and others know Cantwell a bit better. There are a few reasons why no EPL clubs were interested in the playmaker in January when Norwich were sending out their distress signals.

Unfortunately with real football returning Cantwell has been shown up in the friendlies against Newcastle United and Olympiakos.

Opponents don’t read the Record, they look at the skinny guy with the blue ribbon in his hair and dismiss him.

Fortunately Scottish referees have hit form early, on Saturday Kevin Clancy provided the assist for Tavpen, last night Steven McLean was perfectly placed to point to the penalty spot when Todders started to fall before he ran into the Olympiakos goalkeeper.

Unfortunately it won’t be Scottish referees in charge for the Champions League qualifying ties, any UEFA official would be expected to book TikTok for last night’s simulation.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    In real time, it was no way a penalty.

    Cantendwell was going down before the keeper was near him.

    And is it not a bit embarrasing to dive in a pre-season kickabout?

    No dignity.

    …and he’s their best player! 🙂

    • John Copeland says:

      Do you think the most recent ‘meeting ‘ at Hampden between the game’s invisible and silent governing bodies and the Rangers hierarchy had anything to do with guaranteed penalties for the tribute act ? Slapsie Maxie : ach don’t fret lads ! Your ,sorry our , referees know the story ! Big Tavpen will have plenty of practice this season ! No’ a bad handshake you’ve got there , Mr Chairman …..

  • bertie basset says:

    we all know what to expect from divewell next season , and worst is to come from those cheating referees who are in league with sevco

  • Scud Missile says:

    Rumours have it that sevco are on the verge of signing Tom Daley.

  • TicToc says:

    Great craic from Big Chris, calling that tart Cantwell out.
    If there was just an ounce of decency in Scottish fitba, other than ourselves and mostly Hibs then we could be watching organised professional football instead of organised institutional cheating. FFS!
    Anyway, you just can’t keep The Glasgow Celtic down, unless,
    #…….they’d need to deport, those fighting mad Irish that give them support…..#

  • Davie says:

    Scottish football would give Cantwel man of the match for that belly flop.
    As for intelligent, only an ibrox supporter would call a caveman intelligent.

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