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‘Rogue agent’ claim put up by ITK reporter as the Graham Potter approach hangs over Beale

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Keith Jackson has delivered a strong defence of John Bennett and suggested that the approach made to Graham Potter to take charge at Ibrox was carried out by a rogue agent.

Chairman Bennett had no role in the appointment of Beale, he was inherited from Douglas Park but did provide the best part of £15m for the summer Revolution!

Micky Beale has been the focus or fierce criticism in the fortnight since the home defeat from Celtic with the Ibrox board getting dragged into the firing line for their failure to sack their rookie boss.

In the middle of last week a story surfaced that Potter had declined the opportunity to replace Beale which suited everyone in the Ibrox boardroom as it suggested that they were doing something with a big name involved to appease the gullible support.

Potter still has four years to run on his Chelsea contract which was reported to be paying him close to £1m per month, when he returns to management it won’t be for that amount as an annual salary to sort out the mess created by Beale.

Switching from the former QPR boss to the previous Chelsea manager would be an enormous flip with Jackson eager to keep the story simmering as he explained to Daily Record readers:

If Bennett is being undermined by some rogue agent operating inside his own command centre then he should identify the culprit and slap whoever it might be into his place as a matter of great urgency. Because while there may be individuals in or around the boardroom who do not share Bennett’s iron-clad belief in Beale, it would be an outrageous act of insubordination if one of them felt emboldened enough to approach Potter without first running it past the man in charge.

He has backed Beale unflinchingly and provided the manager with significant funds to oversee the summer rebuild which continues to look worryingly like a downgrade on what was there before. But, having done so, Bennett is almost obliged to give Beale a bit of breathing space to get his team in order, despite a fairly tumultuous and unconvincing start to the new campaign. What neither of these men need is to worry about who is saying what and to whom the moment their backs are turned.

After nine months of fawning coverage over the fings he finks about the Brains Behind Gerrard has been taken aback by the level of personal criticism he has taken as his recent media appearances have shown.

A win over St Johnstone only delays the inevitable, if Beale clings onto his job long enough to finish the year still in charge it will be a major achievement with Jackson finishing off with a warning to the training ground guru:

For the meantime, he remains at the point of maximum danger and he could do with eyes in the back of his head to see where the next dagger is coming from.

A non-Scottish referee will be in charge of Thursday’s match against Real Betis.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    A surreal moment, reading a Jackson article complaining about dodgy reporting

    in the SMSM about football matters!

    …from the ‘journalist’ who breathlessly introduced Scottish football supporters

    to the Motherwell Billionaire, with his unforgettable “wealth off the radar”! 🙂

    Jackson has some brass neck.

    His latest, obedient copy/paste effort reads like:

    it’s not Bennett’s fault and he can’t afford to get rid of Beale.

  • Scud Missile says:

    As I posted yesterday the friends in the media of the sevco board will continue to front articles like Jackson until Beale goes walkies,Chris( itchy sack) will be next to follow the orders.
    A nice wee deflection there by Jackson by trying keep Bennett’s hands clean,notice how he throws in another rogue member of the board as being responsible for the Harry Potter approach,job done.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    That he never added when describing Bennett ‘Worryingly (FOR HIM) It continues to look like a downgrade on what was there before’ is telling indeed – That then is his (The writers) opinion and openly shows he is worried and where his loyalties lie (ie. Sevco)…

    And as for where the next dagger is coming from –

    Of course it’ll be from The Scottish Football Media – where and when they are told to and ordered to – And That’ll very much include him as one of the many poodles these in power at Liebrox have…

    Thank God that I don’t pay ‘not one thin dime’ (to quote Fergus) towards the wages of all these imbeciles !

  • harold shand says:

    Keith Jackson trying to make out that Graham Potter is using that mob to keep himself relevant

    Ha ha f*cking hell

  • John Copeland says:

    Big inaction Jackson forgot to mention that the amount of guesswork and conjecture crud coming from SMSM scoops back in the Summer , was a hugely significant part in the non story about Potter . It’s all part of the ailing print press policy … try and keep ’em buying our products by plying horse manure garbage tales ! Of course if the story goes ‘nipples up ‘ like this example , it’s all down to an ‘ according to a report ‘ safeguard . In other words we told the lies , but it was another source’s lies … nothing to see here Guv ‘ !

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