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Wrong days, wrong emails, total shambles! SFA forced to abandon Euros ticket sale

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The SFA has been forced to cancel the sale of tickets to Scotland’s three group stage matches at next summer’s European Championships in Germany.

Since the summer it has been fairly clear that Scotland would qualify for the competition with confirmation coming last month.

With 50,000 seats available for matches at Hampden and around 5,000 maximum regular travels to away matches it should be a fairly straightforward task to allocate the 10,000 tickets allocated to the SFA for each match.

That task proved to be too much for Ian Maxwell and his staff with fans left frustrated and concerned over another balls up from the SFA.

Only 10,000 tickets are being allocated to each nation per game, prompting the Scottish FA to put in place a system to reward the most loyal of the Tartan Army.

Points are given to Scotland Supporters’ Club member for attending games, and the fans with the most points were to get priority access to the hard-to-get tickets, but a problem has seen the sale paused at the last minute.

Fans who had accumulated 12 points or more were to be sent access codes on Wednesday morning that would allow them to buy tickets for each game directly when UEFA’s purchasing platform opened at noon. Those with fewer points would then be offered an opportunity to buy remaining tickets at later dates.

However, supporters who had 11 loyalty points have been sent access codes in error, prompting the Scottish FA to hastily cancel the sale, saying that they will contact Supporters Club members when the issue has been resolved.

With sponsors and club officials taking an allocation much less than 10,000 tickets will be available to ordinary fans forcing them to look into alternative sources.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    A nickel&dime organisation what more do we expect,leaving big BENNY in charge of allocating the tickets with his sidekick Sam Dingle.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Just heard McCoist on the radio there:

    “Who are these people?! Who don’t have enough points to buy tickets…”

    No worries though.

    Our grossly overpaid / over promoted SFA CEO,

    with his O-grade in Home Economics,

    will get this all sorted. 🙁

  • John Copeland says:

    Speaking of fruit cakes ….they could not hammer a nail into a dumpling !

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