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STV finally show their footage of carnage in George Square

Image for STV finally show their footage of carnage in George Square

have finally decided to share video footage of the trashing of George Square.

This afternoon it was revealed that £58,000 had been paid out so far on damage and repairs caused by 15,000 Covidiots descending on the city to demonstrate their hatred of Catholics.

Despite having a major news story effectively on their doorstep STV, BBC and decided against sending camera crews to the scene. Nightly they have been showing almost live coverage of the conflict in Gaza but it seems that showing scenes turning into a war zone was off limits.

Among the items damaged are statues to and Prince Albert with irony apparently lost on the loyalist gangs that turned city centre into a no-go zone.

The plinth on the statue is now unstable with the costs of repair still to be established.

Last summer many Unionists guarded those statues fearing attacks from Black Life Matters protestors.

The Scottish Tory party has yet to comment on the damage done to city centre 10 days ago.

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