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Ibrox chief Robertson downgrades Champions League jackpot from £40m to just £8m

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Stewart Robertson has claimed that reaching the group stage of the Champions League will only boost Ibrox finances by £8m!

For years favoured media outlets have been happy to claim that reaching the group stage will solve the financial issues of the club with £40m rolling in alongside Zodac the Priest.

Reality is around £20m direct from UEFA, a nice chunk of ticket sales and prize money based on performances. Getting pumped by Ajax and Napoli doesn’t earn anything beyond the participation fee.

After knocking out PSV Eindhoven to reach the group stage the moonbeams were launched with £180 ticket packages snapped up by gullible bears.

Suddenly the message was sent out that Giovanni van Bronckhorst was happy with his squad, they had reached the Europa League Final a few months earlier with seven new signings made over the summer.

Last week’s 3-0 defeat from Napoli didn’t feature any of the new signings creating a storm of criticism with recruitment and the lack of spending the main points of anger.

On Tuesday John Bennett produced a video interview to remind everyone that he is a bear and a great guy. Today Robertson has provided quotes to the docile Jonny McFarlane to relay on to subscribers to the Rangers Review.

Typically McFarlane asked no questions as he nodded in agreement to everything that he was told the Rangers Review could publish.

“Every position is worth €1.1m. So, as the 31st team, we will get €2.2m. If you are Real Madrid, who are number one, you get €36m.  

Back in the day the Champions League was worth much closer to £30m but now it’s going to be much closer, for us, to £20m. So there’s a big, big difference. 

I know people raised their eyebrows when I said us reaching the Europa League semi-final was the equivalent of us reaching the Champions League. That’s why, because you have all those extra games to get to that stage.” 

I put it to Robertson that my tentative calculations suggest there is approximately £8m difference between Europa League and Champions League revenue. The managing director points out it’s even less than that. 

It depends on your co-efficient. For us it’s less,” he said. “There’s also an element related to transfer deals you do, some of the payments will be contingent on reaching the Champions League group stage. There aren’t many of those at Rangers, but there are a couple. Those tend to be one-offs but there are some costs that come out of it too,”

And with that McFarlane had his scoop, an exclusive just like a real journalist, handed to him for being firmly on message, trotting out the party line to bears on every subject matter. Keep up the obedience and there might be another in a few months.

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  • John S says:

    I’ve been puzzled by the penchant for inflating figures by both club and media. An open set of accounts might bring us back to reality.

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