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We were here before everyone else! Sevco crank it up as they promote The Famine Song

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Overdosing on the Survival Lie of 2012 Sevco have released a video claiming that they have been in Glasgow before everyone else!

Realisation over how they let their original club die in 2012 s cutting deep inside Ibrox with most club announcements referencing a timeline going back to 1873, or 1872 which came to an end when Her Majesty rejected a CVA offer put together by Duff and Phelps.

Yesterday a fourth kit of the season was launched at the wallets of supporters, the top starts off at £68 for adults with the shorts a bargain at just £38.

Queens Park have been in existence since 1867, Rangers were formed in 1873 or 1872 playing football like any other club in Glasgow until they enforced a No Catholics signing policy in the early days of the new century as a dog-whistle to shipyard workers who had moved to the Clyde from Harland & Wolff.

Typically the video is aimed at the most bitter section of Scottish society. With a background of Sloop John B (I wanna go home) running through it all sorts of images are conjured up of the old club that was led to deaths door by Dave Murray before he handed the liabilities to Craig Whyte in return for a pound coin.

At the end of August hundreds of supporters were given a police escort through Argyle Street in Glasgow city centre while they chanted- The Famine Is Over Why Don’t You Go Home aimed at Scotland’s Irish community.

Tomorrow at Motherwell Celtic will be promoting the main business interest of Sevco chairman Douglas Park.

No Scottish players are highlighted in the video trailer above.

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  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Rangers had a huge loan from the owner of Harland and Wolf,in the early part of the 20th century.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Did dave king not also reject a cva ?

  • .Peter cassidy says:

    A bigot and racist culture from Northern Ireland and brought into Scotland and to this day it seems even worse from that section in society and promoted by the bigot club nothing has changed and will not change a culture that harks back to the 16 century with hatred and bitterness sad people not only catholics but people of colour a culture who love the Queen and are happy to be ruled by her . its the 21 first century and we still have this comedy show and very very rich royal family reminds me of a banana Republic you used to watch on the telly comedy films .

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    FILTH daeing WHIT FILTH dae best.. Lying like F uk!! When ur Follow Followed by Knuckodraggin SCUM on Prescription Deludamol u can say whit the F uk u like!!

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